Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Mover

If you have recently purchased a new home or an apartment and are getting ready to move in soon, you will be having an unending to-do list of tasks. Moving is a big deal and a stressful task. You have a lot of things to do from transferring school or medical files to updating your personal information in banks. However, the biggest task is to rent your own moving van, tedious packing job and ultimately moving your belongings.

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The process becomes painstaking and stressful for you and your family. Whether you’re shifting within the city or relocating to a new city, the process is time-taking. Therefore, many people prefer to assign the job to professional movers in order to ease the stress and keep their to-dos list to a minimum. Hiring a professional mover has numerous advantages over a DIY-move. Check out top 5 benefits of hiring a professional moving company.

1. Don’t worry about Packing

The biggest and most time-consuming part of shifting home is packing your belongings. This task is not only tiring but also needs your most attention to safely pack the stuff. However, professional movers are trained on how to properly pack your items into boxes, correctly load items into a moving truck, and safely unload it to your destination. They also offer services for handling fragile and valuable items by making use durable moving boxes and wrapping supplies.

2. Safety and Insurance

Another biggest advantage of hiring professionals is that they take accountability if something goes wrong. A properly licensed mover will have insurance for your items under their company. What if your expensive television or refrigerator get dropped or damaged in a DIY move? Professional movers offer various insurance options to cover your personal treasures. With a moving company, you get peace of mind that all your precious items are safe and insured.

Moreover, they know the right techniques to safely move your items, even in unfavorable weather conditions. They have proper equipment and manpower to lift items.

3. Use Right Equipment

Using wrong objects moving and handling equipment can lead to injury and broken possessions. Professional movers make use of the right tools and techniques for lifting and moving your stuff, such as hoisting straps, dollies, ramps and a large truck with cushions to transport your items safely. Moreover, they know the right techniques to move furniture as well as other heavy and bulky items out of your door without scratching or banging the walls.

4. Store your overflow

Maybe you have to shift your home or office urgently as something unexpected has happened, or maybe you’re moving to a smaller apartment that will not fit all your stuff. In any such situation, you don’t get the time to resale or discard your old belongings. Therefore, a moving and storage company will pack up your items and store them at a safe place until you decide what to do with it.

5. Cost-effective

Contrary to the belief, hiring a reliable moving company can actually turn out to be cost-effective. DIY move may result in more expenses when you take into account various costs, such as renting a truck, the cost of fuel for long-distance moves, the types of tools or materials for handling the items, and any potential damage to expensive items.


Randall J. Lopez

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