5 top tips for Outdoor Extension Cord safety

5 top tips for Outdoor Extension Cord safety 1

Accidents caused due to improper use of electrical cords have increased nowadays, and it’s high time that we look into the matter and solve it once and for all. Remember, ‘Prevention is better than cure. Thus, it is better to avoid life-threatening circumstances than wait for working upon the after-effects that would eventually arise if proper safety precautions are not considered.

 Extension Cord safety

Given below are some key points that should be kept in mind while using power strip cords outdoors so that the chances of getting involved in some high-risk tragedy:

Extension cords are prone to get wet during rains if kept outside. It is, thus, necessary to prevent the extension cords from excessive sunlight and rainwater that might peep into the extension cords damaging their functioning completely. Make sure you use heavy gauge extension cords that are specifically meant to be used outdoors and can withstand all types of weather conditions.

  • Do not Overheat your Extension Cords:

Do realize that Extension cords tend to get hotter as electricity keeps passing through them. You must keep them uncovered so that heat does not pass to other objects and cause the fire. Also, keep noticing the electrical cord, whether it is hot or over-heated and try to search for its reason; otherwise, discontinue its usage as it may be hazardous.

  • Store Extension cord safely when not in use:

When your outdoor work gets finished, it is important that the extension cord is wrapped up properly and hung at your place. Store it safely to prevent any damage that might be caused otherwise. The next time you use it, check for any exposed wires or cracks to not face any other troubles.

  • Remember Outdoor Extension cords are temporary solutions:

Understand that the extension cords cannot replace the long-term offered by mounted outlets. Make sure Extension cords are only a temporary thing and should never be taken as an alternative for mounted outlets as the former can be unsafe to use for a longer duration. So, Extension cords should only be a one-time use thing that would only provide short-lived assistance.

  • Over-Extending the Extension cord is Forbidden:

It would help if you learned that only one device must be connected to the extension cord. Avoid plugging multiple extension cords into another extension cord. The extension cords must be plugged directly into the three-prong-mounted outlet to power the appliances. Therefore, it’s mandatory to prevent your extension cord from any unnecessary fire or shocks, etc. When working with the cords outdoors, following these simple tips will surely mitigate the risk of any critical situation from occurring manifolds. Other than that, it is also crucial to value the usage capacity of the extension cord and not indulge in over-using it that would lead to overheating them or making them harmful for us.

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