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The running a blog platform wars are becoming simply thrilling and much of the discussion I locate myself in these days revolves round what’s taking place with diverse CMS systems. The marketplace can basically be defined into three foremost camps: remotely hosted, self-hosted, and community-based totally systems. I even have used pretty tons each running a blog platform available and every one of them has its united statesand downs. In this newsletter, I will cowl the excellent options for every area contemplating charge, usability, market share and of route search engine marketing capability.


Blogger is absolutely loose and currently owns the majority of the remotely hosted person base, however no longer with the aid of a landslide. Bought out by way of Google in 1999, Blogger basically fired up the blogging trend we see nowadays. It is by far the perfect ordinary solution to use and in case you are a novice person seeking to throw up a few recipes or poetry, this is for you. Blogger is completely loose and includes a few first-rate capabilities like remarks, photograph running a blog, and a primary network sense with personal profiles. Because it’s so dumbed down there are a few features you could now not find with Blogger which might be only available via third party accessories. As a side notice Blogger weblogs do quite nicely within the search engines and this turned into lately exploited with it being the first choice for spam blogs or splogs. A splog is a blog used for the sole reason of gaining inbound hyperlinks or producing lots of key-words filled pages with AdSense and so forth. The current Google Jagger update cleared a big portion of this up. Free.


Released in 2003 Typepad is a made from Sixapart, the makers of Movable Type. It is basically based totally on MT, however, there are a few principal upgrades and differences. Your blog can accommodate one or greater photograph albums with auto thumbnail era. You can effortlessly add a song, books, and other media to Typelists, which grasp a thumbnail from Amazon and other shops for effortlessly showing on your sidebar. Typepad is likewise a top notch deal extra technical than Blogger so a bit of HTML understands how is usually recommended. On that note editing your weblog to look the way you want it additionally quite smooth and Typepad blogs are recognized for being very eye desirable, intuitive and smooth to navigate. In Sixapart’s business model Typepad is aimed at regular home and small business customers while Movable Type is centered at large organizations or for inner intranets. Price: Basic, $4.95 a month; top class, $eight.95 to $14.Ninety-five a month.


These guys originated back in 1999 as a site for sharing e-book, song and movie reviews. Although it fast morphed into a full blown running a blog tool Xanga nevertheless maintains the potential to run a powerful overview site. Xanga pulls records from several shops like Amazon.Com consisting of thumbnails, pricing, and a cover. The software also may be very usable with the aid of novices with a powerful WYSIWYG editor bearing in mind clean HTML enhancing, adding smilies, links, and different symbols. By the usage of Blog earrings, it is also clean to interface with Xanga’s different three million users to percentage interests, thoughts, and of direction site visitors. Xanga is available in an unfastened and $25 taste.

Mentions: Blogsome, Blogster, MindSay, Multiply,


WordPress, in the beginning, started out as a mod of an older open supply bundle known as B2. WP is MT’s largest opposition and is often the bain of infinite WordPress vs Movabletype fashion threads around the net. Although launched simply over a year or so in the past WP has definitely taken the blogosphere by using hurricane. And with a correct cause – WordPress is absolutely unfastened below GNU licensing and is full of many featured you may now not locate everywhere else. It is likewise lots less difficult to put in and get running a blog for novice customers and has a completely huge and helpful network. WP runs on PHP/mySQL and is pretty scalable judging from a number of the very large and trafficked sites I see using it. It also sports utilities to import files from Movable Type, Textpattern, Greymatter, Blogger, and b2. WordPress lately upped the ante when Yahoo recently covered them on their hosting applications, further to MT. I have to admit I am locating myself increasingly more digging WP and will probably convert Profitpapers to WP as I get time (it is able to be a biznitch). WordPress is unfastened.

Movable Type

Aside from perhaps Greymatter (the authentic open supply running a blogging device), MovableType ruled the running a blog market share in 2002-2004. Released in overdue 2001, Perl primarily based Movable Type by way of SixApart has maintained a large part of the blogging marketplace proportion, due specifically to the truth that there’s a free model (helping up to 3 weblogs) and that it is notably effective, intuitive and clean to customize. Template driven Movable Type additionally sports activities one in every of the biggest groups of developers and running blog fans around, which means masses of support, idea sharing, and direction plugins. Movable Type can be configured to dynamically generate HTML, PHP or every other form of pages you like, meaning it’s miles fairly scalable, rapid, and loved by means of spiders. It is possibly the maximum widely recognized blogging software program for SEO purposes and it what currently powers Profitpapers and several of my different projects. Moveabletype is both Free with 3 authors, 1 weblog, and no guide or $ sixty-nine.Ninety-five with unlimited weblogs, authors and complete guide.


Textpattern is the brainchild of Dean Allen and turned into written to ease publishing of content material for the ones no longer inclined to analyze HTML. Like WP and MT Textpattern runs on PHP and MySQL for clean administration, backups, and electricity. What absolutely sets Textpattern apart from the others is the integration of Textile. Textile is a device for effortlessly formatting content for folks who do no longer know HTML. WP & MT have modules for textile as properly however it’s far local to the Textpattern device. Another bonus of the app is it’s advanced coping with of remark spam because of its smaller market share. On a blog I maintain jogging WP and MT I frequently find myself clearing out junk mail each day, whereas on a few very busy Textpattern websites I obtain simplest manual comment junk mail (now not bot driven). TP is open supply.

Waaaaay back in 1997, Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda released an internet site known as Chips & Dips, furnished through his pupil account at Hope College in Michigan. In 1999 Andover. Internet obtained Slashdot. Shortly after, the underlying code became released as open supply software referred to as Slash. Like Movable Type and Greymatter, Slash runs on Perl, however, it also has set up hooks into MySQL and a totally robust music document of scaling to considerable site visitors tiers. To provide you with an idea, the term ‘slashdotted’ originated from acquiring a hyperlink on this now infamous and really famous tech news internet site – and consequently looking your servers melt. If you’ve got by no means messed around with Slash, you without a doubt have to as it is pretty an effective platform. Slash is open supply.


Another well known Perl based community running a blog software program is Scoop. Scoop is the software that powers Kuro5shin, DailyKos and lots of different busy community weblogs. Scoop took the Slashdot concept and elevated on it, making the discussion in preference to the news the point of interest of the application. Where Slashdot entries have a tendency to have a link with delivered commentary pointing readers off the website online, Scoop points to memories written through participants of the community maintaining the reader within your very own weblog. Scoop is also widely known for handling big volumes of traffic and a big very technical network. Scoop is loose.


Drupal is a widely recognized open supply community running a blog platform with a very large network of customers and developers. Not most effective is Drupal loose but it’s miles rattling powerful. Instead of Perl, that is quite tough to decode at instances, even in case you are a fluent coder, Drupal uses a PHP/MySQL platform. Drupal is likewise a very community focused software with a constructed in the forum, download location, and masses of other homebrewed mods and hacks. If you are looking for plenty of functionality supply Drupal a take a look at – the project has grown to be pretty mature. It is also an awful lot less difficult to use and customize than both Scoop or Slash. Drupal is also any other open source assignment.

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