Daniel Chiriac: Creating a Life of Art by Painting Beauty

Daniel Chiriac: Creating a Life of Art by Painting Beauty 1

Daniel Cristian Chiriac, born 1972 in Romania, paints oil on canvas. His favored patterns are realism and surrealism. After an extended length of abstractionism (before 2006), Chiriac rediscovered the beautiful art work of the vintage masters. Being more and more inquisitive about the old master’s strategies, he slowly deserted the abstract artwork fashion and grew to become to surrealism, high-quality realism, and classical realism style. Most of his time is devoted to his little daughters and spouse and of the route, creating art. Here nowadays, he brings to us his tale entire with perspicacity and private anecdotes relating to his enjoyment of life as an artist.

Daniel Chiriac: Creating a Life of Art by Painting Beauty 2

Actually, while is set influence, I can not provide a selected call I very similar to Caravaggio and he stimulated me. Then there are numerous Old Dutch painters. But, the principle has an effect on in my realist art comes from present day realist artists who I suppose are higher in depictions, but, perhaps now not as good at the crafting-facet of making a portray. I mean by means of that during regards to the use of strategies that ensure a excellent and lengthy maintenance of paintings.

How long have you ever taken into consideration your self as an artist?

Maybe given that I became 16 or 17… Now not certain precisely, but I’m sure I turned into questioning that I even have inventive skills. This turned into also a time while even though I wasn’t drawing an unmarried line I considered I made art honestly via taking walks on an avenue or talking to pals. My thoughts changed into way manner too open to what artwork making is. Anyway, I have become confident that I’m an artist after I commenced making a residing through art.

Tell me about your first revel in portraying with oil:

Oh, that’s up to now within the beyond! I became a baby… Was I 7 or eight? Not sure precisely what was my age when the circle of relatives pal, who is also the one who initiated me in artwork, made me a gift field of oil shade tubes. He gave it to me and not anything extra. No instructions, no steerage… Nothing! As you’ll deliver a chocolate to a child and it is something apparent that kids know what to do with. Also, he did not provide me with a canvas. So that I painted my first oil painting on paper. That sort of paper you could discover for children’s watercolors. Had no thinner either, so of the path, my brushes were ruined.

I keep in mind that the finest marvel was to peer how lengthy oils take to dry! And also, what a number of matters get dirty… I nonetheless bear in mind the problem becomes a nevertheless lifestyles of a handmade vase having a few roses implemented on it like a high-remedy sculpture. In the vase had been roses, too. It changed into my “early masterpiece” a component for my mom to reward to her friends lengthy afterward. Well, quite extraordinarily for me, I appreciated that painting, too. It’s a rule for me now not liking my paintings a variety of weeks… Well, with 2 – 3 exceptions.

What things inspire you to create art?

Things that I think are beautiful. And that may be the whole thing. It depends via the artist’s eye. After all, isn’t always the artist’s process to become aware of splendor where the everyday eyes see nothing but normal things and so, to deliver them face-to-face with that splendor via the work of art?

I consider a humorous state of affairs about an element that stimulated me. Well, it is proper that it turned into when I become abstractionist, so I’ve were given excuses. So, being at lavatory and having not anything, I noticed a few cracks inside the partitions with ceramic tiles and located that layout exciting. I seemed over them, canalized then and got here to the belief there’s a nice challenge for a portray. If your appearance over my summary gallery, you will see a polyptych painting (four pieces), green shades important, few of reds and blues. That’s the resulted artwork stimulated through the crackled rest room ceramic tiles.

Daniel Chiriac: Creating a Life of Art by Painting Beauty 3

What are you looking to bring through your art? What does it suggest to you?

Well, I believe that an artist is to deliver as much as the worldview beauty, sincerely beauty as the primary rule. The relaxation needs to be a rare exception. I think that what would not fall beneath this rule is not art. As I assume that an artist’s eye should be taught to look beautiful, I do not attempt to convey not anything but splendor and this means the whole philosophy to me. No different philosophy, no longer any alembicated discourse like “noticed in mild of art, anchored in the synergy of information, the recourse to the fact, do now not elude the meanders of concrete space.”

I’m strolling at the vegetable marketplace and see a tasty candy pepper for soup; I see a nice still existence portray. also, like the answer to the previous question, one may also handiest see some cracks in the tiles, I may see a portray. So, my challenge is to reveal the splendor there in which no different eye sees it, however, the artist’s eye does.

Tell me about your innovative manner, from the beginning of a work to it’s of entirety:

Day after day, night time after night time, I hold thoughts on the primary support I can also discover whilst the foundation strike. Most of the time, the simplest available guide is my own reminiscence… Which, lamentably, isn’t my exceptional assist for the purpose. So that manner many ideas are lost for exact. Although, I actually have saved a whole lot of thoughts on written notes or rapid sketches.

Funny thing is that, so regularly I don’t use that pile of ideas to begin a brand new painting, however, the most current idea that struck me. This why an artist must be a monk if he wants nearly all his thoughts transposed onto the canvas (or another assist… Otherwise learn to paint an awful lot quicker, no longer so sluggish like me. As I said before, thoughts come from everywhere in the place from the restroom or vegetable market to the actual reality of dream fact.

When it’s miles approximately realist paintings, I set down the model, I do the composition, after which I start portray. Quite easy. I don’t make more than one compositions to pick from as I’m assured on my first impulse. Painting manner itself is a love/hate pastime for me. Until 2006, all of my existence, whilst a kid, no matter tips of that early mentor who gave me the first oils and who really hated abstract art, I cherished abstractionism and I created for this reason. Well, there was this type of joy to color so! On exact days (OK, nights) I had been painting 2, 3 or even four paintings! The most important hassle changed into that joy turned into short lasting… Like an energy drink… There’s only one painting from that duration I nevertheless like – Solar Incandescence.

Since surrealism and realism, I almost hate painting process itself due to the fact it’s so slow – 2 days for a small ACEO miniature (2.Five x 3.5 inches) to once in a while months for large artwork like “Till the stop of time”. The praise of this pain comes greatly when the painting is prepared. Yes is real, the joy of image I actually have completed disappears finally, however it lasts plenty longer and gives me tons extra pride and offers me a complete feeling and confidence that I’m sincerely an artist. I failed to see tons difference between me and a carpet fashion designer after I become abstractionist (forgive me carpet designers).

Daniel Chiriac: Creating a Life of Art by Painting Beauty 4

When it’s miles approximately surrealism, an idea turns into cartoon then caricature an initial composition drawing. Then I search for models of gadgets in my surreal composition. If human bodies, it’s time for photo capturing session: me, my spouse and my youngsters. If objects of any type, a picture taking pictures too. Of direction, there may be constantly needed for hand drawings as nicely.

Then, to hurry up the technique, I use my laptop to mock-up from snapshots and hand drawings into a picture as close viable to the very last painting photo. I may also or no longer (most usually, no longer) perform a little coloration study. With that photograph on the show display, I start drawing on a paper on the same length of canvas. I make changes if I sense it is needed, I transfer it onto the canvas… And… Again, the gradual manner of painting starts.

No matter realist or surrealist, once I get the portray equipped, I hide it from my view for a day or then, I dangle it at the wall. If a week or so exceeded and nothing on the picture “scratched” my eyes, I then bear in mind my job finished and I sign it.

What exposure have you had?

I had no live exposure, I mean no display in brick and stones gallery. And this is because I never ought to keep the desired range of paintings for a display. The Internet is my gallery and location for competitions. Yet, I did not follow to online paid competitions as I’m no longer a gambler. There are so many first-rate artists applying so you should be fortunate to win even when you’re superb.

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