How to Find the Perfect Shutter for your Home

How to Find the Perfect Shutter for your Home 1

The history of window shutters dates back a long time. They were used to cover an opening in the wall to protect the house (before introducing glass windows). However, when the glass windows experienced an upward trend, people started using shutters to protect the glass rather than the homes. Today, shutters serve as much-needed ornamentation for a home.

Perfect Shutter

Shutters are an elegant and practical solution to control the amount of light and unwanted noise that enters your home. They maintain your home’s privacy and are indeed the most functional and decorative element for your windows. Picking the right kind of window shutters and placing them accurately can instantly boost any property’s appeal and value. However, the wrong choice can hurt the overall aesthetics of your home. Here is how you can choose the best window shutters designs.

Know Your Style

You will be amazed to know that window shutters are now available in a wide range of styles- Louvered, Raised Panel, Shaker, Plantation, Board and Batten, Scandinavian, Half-Solid/Half-Louvered, Café Styles, etc. They all are unique in themselves and differ in terms of their aesthetics and operability. For instance, louvered shutters are mostly used where there is a humid climate. They keep the hot weather out while allowing good airflow to cool the house. Solid or paneled shutters are primarily required in colder climates where high-speed winds or snow usually destroy the windows. So, evaluate your needs and pick the most suitable shutter.

Know your Color

Shutters are available in an array of colors ranging from neutral to bright ones. People have moved on from old and monotonous white shades and started experimenting with bolder and livelier color tones. You can even get them custom-painted to complement your room’s style. You have to consider the cost factor as opting for exotic varieties can add a significant amount to your budget.

Know the Right Size and Placement

It would help if you bought a shutter that has an appropriate size. You can determine the exact measurements (width and height) of the shutter depending upon the size of the windows or group of windows. You cannot install shutters where there isn’t any place for them. A window that is too close to the corner or is too small in size doesn’t require a shutter in the first place. Hence, regardless of what you choose, ensure that your shutter’s split points are in sync with windows and that the shutter’s rails sit just in front of the frames, with slats being positioned in front of the window glass.

Know the Maintenance Measures

Just like the windows, the shutters also demand maintenance. Different types of shutters require different levels of care. Outdoor shutters tend to take more maintenance than indoor shutters, and you may have to clean them regularly and repair them quite often. If you are buying a vinyl shutter, there will be low maintenance required, whereas wood shutters would require to be painted every few years. Hence, it would be better if you are clear with such maintenance measures before-hand.

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