How to Open Broadcaster Software Overlay for Windows

How to Open Broadcaster Software Overlay for Windows 1

You can quickly connect your TV, DVR, VCR, Cable Box, Satellite box, Blu-Ray, DVD player, and other devices and play video from any network location, including the internet. It’s easy to use and works.

 I use Windows 10, but my favorite desktop application is Overlay. Now I don’t use it for its intended purpose of overlaying apps on top of other apps. Instead, I use it to overlay Video onto my screen.

The overlay is a fantastic video overlay app that allows you to easily overlay videos on your desktop.

It can overlay live streaming, photos, or GIFs onto your screen. You can also overlay different videos on top of each other and create amazing visual effects.

 The following step-by-step Video shows how to set up the Broadcaster Software Overlay (BSO) on Windows 10. We explain what BSO is, show you how to install it, give you instructions on how to use it, and then close it down again. So in just 2 minutes, you’ll know how to get started with the Broadcaster Software Overlay.

Broadcaster Software

How to open Broadcaster Software Overlay for Windows

The overlay is a fantastic video overlay app that allows you to easily overlay videos on your desktop.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create videos and overlays quickly, Overlay is a great choice. The app is easy to use, and you don’t need to be a programmer to use it.

To use Overlay, select the video file you want to overlay, then drag the image from the Video into the area where it appears.

An overlay is a powerful tool, but it isn’t perfect. For example, if you have a lot of videos and want to apply the same effect to all of them, it’s a bit tedious.

So, I wanted to share a quick and easy solution. You can use Windows 10 to create a shortcut that opens the video and overlay software in one go.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the Start Menu and navigate to the folder where you have the Overlay program installed.
  2. Right-click the video file you want to use and choose to Create Shortcut.
  3. The shortcut will be created with the name you chose.
  4. Drag the shortcut to the desktop, and you’re done!

How to create Broadcaster Overlays

If you’re wondering how to create overlays that allow you to control a desktop video and music player, you’ve come to the right place.

First things first, we’re going to need to know what an overlay is.

An overlay is a video, image, or audio file displayed on top of another video or photo.

I will show you how to create an overlay using Windows 10 and the program Overlay. You can also do this with Windows Media Player, VLC Player, or any other video player.

Here are the steps to create an overlay using Overlay:

  1. Create a video with the audio and Video you want to overlay.
  2. Select the audio track and press the right arrow key until it’s selected.
  3. Press the spacebar to select the video track.
  4. Press Ctrl+V to paste the Video onto the screen.
  5. Click the little square button at the bottom right of the Video to start recording the Video.
  6. Press the spacebar to stop recording the Video.

Get started with Open Broadcaster Software.

Open Broadcaster Software is a free, open-source software (FOSS) that allows you to record, edit, and stream live videos. It’s perfect for streaming YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, Mixer, and other services.

You can use OBS to do more than just record and stream. You can combine multiple cameras, audio sources, and scenes into a single project.

If you’re new to OBS, you can learn the basics in just minutes. After that, you can start creating amazing projects.

Configure the overlay

Once you’ve installed the application, you can start configuring it.

To do this, go to Settings > Advanced > Settings.

On the General tab, you’ll see a dropdown menu labeled Video. Choose the video file you want to overlay.

The second tab is titled Options. There, you’ll find a wide variety of options.

Use the sliders to set the opacity and transparency of the overlay.

You can also adjust the size of the Video being overlaid.

You can even control the overlay size by adjusting the Opacity and Transparency.

Finally, you can choose whether the Video is centered or aligned to the left or right of the screen.

When you’re finished, click Apply, and you’re good to go.

Frequently asked questions about Broadcaster Software Overlay

Q: Will you be able to play my recorded files?

A: Yes. I will not use any new technology, such as a webcam or streaming media. All of the Videos will be from broadcast television. So, if you use an internet-based live-streaming service, it will not work.

Q: What if I only have an HDMI cable?

A: You can use the built-in speakers on the recorder.

Q: Can I download content to my computer without using a TV tuner card?

A: Yes. Using your digital TV tuner, you can download and save files directly to your computer. This is the recommended method for recording digital TV shows.

Top myths about Broadcaster Software Overlay

  1. The broadcaster overlay can only be used with a single file.
  2. The broadcaster overlay can only be used with broadcast files.
  3. The broadcaster overlay does not work in all broadcast software.


Open Broadcaster Software is a powerful audio editing and broadcasting software that can be used on PCs, Macs, and Android devices. This overlay works on Windows computers and is compatible with Windows 10 and 8.

This overlay gives users the ability to broadcast live shows to the world. It also allows users to edit their Video and audio and add effects like fade-ins, fade-out, and music to their videos.

If you want to become an online broadcaster, Open Broadcaster Software is a must-have application. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store for Windows and Mac.

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