Stripping a Computer Tower for Precious Metal Refining

Stripping a Computer Tower for Precious Metal Refining 1

When one decides to start inside the interesting and lucrative global of laptop and electronics recycling, there are certain mistakes. When I first started my organization, I made plenty of errors, and that they price me a lot of money. However, after those mistakes, I persevered to alter how I handled the substances, and it has paid off hugely.

Computer Tower

The first factor that you need to do is make certain which you have masses of room to kind the substances because just about the entirety in a computer sells one at a time and specific resources in maximum instances.

Step 1: Gain gets admission to the interior of the pc tower. In my experience, each tower is distinct. Getting internal may be as simple as getting rid of pair screws and sliding off the panel and can be as complex as finding the locking mechanism and pulling aside the case. Some high-quality internet websites show the unique methods for commencing computers that can be determined with a simple Google search.

Step 2: At this factor, I like to eliminate the electricity delivery because it will get the wires out of the manner. In maximum cases, the power supply is screwed to the outdoor case with both 2 or 4 screws. Once the ones are removed, the supply comes loose. From there, certainly, unplug the various wires from the boards and drives and then set the electricity to deliver apart for disassembly.

Step 3: Now, I want to put off the ribbon wires. These are the flat wires that connect the motherboard to the various additives. These will usually pop properly off. I then placed them right into a box or barrel and kept them with other wires that will pass into the nearby scrap metal backyard.

Step 4: Now it is time to get rid of the drives. This can be a touch complicated with a few towers. Each tower is distinct as to how the drives are installed. Some may be as smooth as compressing more than one tabs and then sliding the drives out, whilst others have screws that want to be removed. Once the drives are out of the case, I set them apart for disassembly later.

Step 5: Removing the slot cards is next. These are usually controllers for gadgets inclusive of video and sound cards in addition to modems. They are connected with a screw at the pinnacle and then plugged into the motherboard. After the screw is eliminated, they’ll pop right out. I then throw them right into a field slated for sale to a refiner.

Metal Refining

Step 6: Now it’s time to get rid of the motherboard. Again there’s nobody manner that they’re connected. However, most of the time, they’re attached with screws, and once they may be eliminated, the board will come properly out. But, some corporations also use tabs, which means that the board desires to be slid to 1 side earlier than elimination.

Step 7: With the motherboard out, you could take away the ram sticks. These come out by using pushing down the tabs on each quit. Once out, they need to be placed right into a box and collected on the market to a refiner.

Step 8: The final aspect is to take away the heat sink, fan, and then the processor. The warm sink and fan are likely held on with a lever that may be effortlessly lifted off. Most warmth sinks are aluminum and may be accumulated after which bought to the local scrap metallic yard.

Step 9: Removing the processor is an easy case of pulling up the arm on the side that unlocks the pins, and the processor may be pulled out. I toss the processors into yet another container, where they are amassed on the market to a refiner.

Power Supply Disassembly: The strength supply is a fairly simple unit to tear down. There are usually some screws holding the steel case together, and once removed, the case will come aside. Then there will be some screws maintaining the circuit board to the lower part of the case. Remove the ones after which toss the case right into a box to be taken to the scrap metal yard. On the strength, delivery is many wires that must be reduced off. An easy pair of twine cutters may be used to clip off the wires for you to be then tossed into the field or barrel where you put the ribbon wire. The board is what is known as a “low-grade brown” circuit board. These are virtually quite low on fee, and I collect mine and promote them to the local scrap steelyard for about.50 according to pound, and it provides up rapidly.

CD/DVD/Floppy Drive Disassembly: Disassembling CD or Floppy drives is fairly easy. Just search for the screws that are preserving the cases collectively and get rid of them. Once you’ve got admission to the inner, you want only to dispose of the boards, and the cases may be tossed into the scrap metal bin. The forums from the CD/DVD/Floppy drives are considered mid-grade boards. They have slight valuable metallic content material. I area all of them into the identical field, after which I sell them to my refiner for $1.00 in keeping with the pound. Hard Drive Disassembly: Hard drives are a bit more valuable inside the grand scheme of factors. However, they’re additionally greater difficult to disassemble as properly. Most difficult drives are held collectively with megastar screws. On the front, the cowl disposes of all of the screws that you could see. Under the label, there’s going to be at the least one extra screw if now not. Once you have got the screws out, the pinnacle will pop off. This is aluminum and ought to be placed in your aluminum box.

Metal Refining

Once you’ve got admission to the interior, you’ll see the spherical, silver discs that preserve the hard force’s information, and an army is resting on them. You will want to cast off the screws across the collar conserving the discs down. Then you’ll get rid of the brackets conserving the arm on. They are held on with screws and two magnets which are a product of uncommon earth materials.

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