5 Great Scaffolding Safety Tips

5 Great Scaffolding Safety Tips 1

Scaffolding is basically a temporary structure made of wooden planks and metal poles on the building’s exterior, used by the workmen during constructing, repairing, or cleaning the building. But to one’s disappointment working on raised scaffolding is one of the leading causes of workers’ deaths during the process of construction. Every year, hundreds of workers die in the city while performing work on scaffolds- either because of falls, electrocutions, or falling objects from heights.

Scaffolding Safety

However, the numbers of such instances were decreased where safety protocols and practices were observed properly. Moreover, the scaffolding equipment erected by trained professionals proved to be as safe as any other elevated construction technique and kept up with the safety levels of the men during the work. Let us consider some scaffolding safety tips to reduce all sorts of hazards for your workers in future projects-


Before getting on a scaffold, make sure the workmen have acquired knowledge on how the scaffolds are designed and operated. Besides, the workmen should have undergone proper training regarding how to use it, handle different types of materials, and the different load capacities of the scaffold. This type of training is essential to understand how to react to emergencies and keep yourself and the people around you safe at all times.

Supervision and Inspection

Having a supervisor on-site to monitor workers’ activities ensures their safety and timely completion of the project. Moreover, a competent person inspecting the scaffold before and after the work shift ensures that it works in a safe and sound condition. Scaffolds may need to be erected, altered, or moved from time to time, and doing it under the direct supervision of an expert protects everyone from all potential risks.

Guardrail and Harness

Installation of a guardrail is the best way to enhance workers’ safety levels as it prevents the workers from stepping off the platform edge accidentally. The experts recommend using guardrails on the scaffold, which is over 10 feet high. Also, wearing harnesses and protection gears while on the scaffolding is necessary to keep up the safety levels.

Weight Load

As mentioned previously, every man working on-site should be aware of the loading capacity of the scaffold. Not adhering to the load capacity guidelines is one of the common mistakes committed by most people. It is about the worker’s load on the platform and the weight of other working equipment and materials that add a significant burden on the structure.

Stable Base

Building a solid base is essential to keep up the strength of the whole structure. Setting a woodblock can prevent the scaffold from sinking into soft soils and ensure an even distribution of weight. Also, it is a great choice to build the scaffold over uneven road surfaces. Despite all these safety tips, your alertness while working on the scaffold plays a crucial role. Be your life savior, and keep a watch on your balance all the time.

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