Essential Tips For Hiring a Commercial Mover During an Office Relocation

Posted on by Randall J. Lopez

The relocation of an office can be an arduous task if not conducted properly and well. It is most definitely not comparable to a simple packaging and relocation as its residential counterpart.

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Enumerated below are a few guidelines that will help you successfully relocate your business in an optimal manner.

Careful Packaging

This would the first crucial step in your commercial relocation. You would have to be extremely cautious in the packaging of all the essentials you would need to operate your business on a daily basis. Any misplacing of these objects would pose as a problem and could impede the functionality of your enterprise. Make sure that you pack your storage and file cabinets meticulously and take extra care in packaging all the electronic equipment properly.

Building Requirements

Moving out of an office building is very different than a residential relocation. It entails long-term planning and provisional steps that would foster the process of the relocation ahead of time. For this to pan out, you would have to be acquainted with the building’s moving requirements. This would be inclusive of the rules regarding move-out cleaning, the time of the actual move, regulations regarding the parking of the moving-out vehicles, and the like. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with these regulations beforehand by engaging in a conversation with the building superintendent and note down all the specifications so that you can take any precautions necessary before time.

Hire a Moving Company

An office relocation can take a toll on your mind and well being if you do not have the provision of any assistance. In this case, the requisite assistance can be furnished by a professional moving company. In hiring the services of a moving company, you will be assured of an organized and timely relocation. They are competent to handle this project in such a manner that you will have little worries regarding transportation. However, remember that these companies often operate on a restricted schedule. You would have to plan ahead of time and create a routine that would be conducive to the date of your relocation so that the company can be booked ahead of time. Additionally, make sure that you have emptied trash cans, storage units, and refrigerators before they arrive to facilitate a smooth operation.


Despite the need for a professional moving company, you must be certain about their credentials. Do your research well and verify how the company’s track record has been. You can look at the reviews and testimonies if their past clientele to determine their work ethic and their customer service relations. You could also access third-party review sites, like the Better Business Bureau, to check their accreditation. Also, in a commercial selection, you would have to a certain if they have the proper training and if they recruit seasoned professional in conducting this relocation. Thereby, the company you will be hiring needs both a license and a strong experience in this field. Additionally, make sure that the company also has a valid mover’s insurance at their disposal. In case you are moving out of a shared office building, this would be a necessity.

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