Top Reasons For Buying An Electric Car

Top Reasons For Buying An Electric Car 1

In the past, electric cars were the motor industry’s laughing stock because of how people perceived them. It was only a novelty for the ardent eco-warriors like Alexander Powel Cars. Today, this perception has changed because of developments in technology and the attitude towards green thinking.

Now more than ever, electric cars are more viable commercially and socially. Those who own them report that their pros column is fuller than their cons column.

Top Reasons For Buying An Electric Car 2

Here are some reasons why you need to buy these cars:

1. All Diesel And Petrol Cars May Be Banned By 2040

The UK government recently announced plans to ban diesel and petrol cars from roads by 2040. This announcement is in response to the challenges the government has been having in achieving air-quality targets. As a result of air pollution, health issues like bronchitis and asthma have exacerbated, causing the government a productivity loss of about 2.7 billion.

Buying an electric car this early may prevent you from having to transition if you live up to 2040.

2. It Saves On Tax, Fuel, And Running Costs

When you buy an electric car, you’ll not have to pay for petrol. In fact, the biggest reason for buying this car is to save money on running costs. The Environmental Protection Agency showed that an electric vehicle is 75% cheaper when it travels for 100 miles than a conventional car.

It’s not only fuel costs that you’ll save, but also car tax. Most governments, including the UK government, are looking for ways to increase the tax rate for older technologies.

With these cards, you don’t have to worry about filling up because they come with intelligent technologies to enable the driver to determine the vehicle’s range. Therefore, if you’re a chemical planner, you’ll not run out of juice. If you’re more concerned about range, you can purchase a hybrid that’ll provide you with the best of both worlds and still ensure that you save cash on road tax and fuel.

3. More Charging Points Are Being Developed

One main challenge that electric cars were facing was the lack of adequate charging points. As a result, an electric car owner couldn’t travel long distances. Those who had electric vehicles then had to carry a spare battery to prevent themselves from running out of power and being stranded.

Today, you don’t have to worry about these challenges. The country is erecting more charging points almost everywhere. Unlike the past, where you’d only see them in city centers, you can spot them in motorway service stations and supermarket car parks. London has also doubled the number of these charging points, and most hotels are also installing them in their car parks.

You may be worried about planning trips and journeys to the countryside with a fully electric vehicle. But charging points will likely be increased even in these localities. This is possible because the government has grants and several schemes to incentivize electric car infrastructure installation.

Bottom Line

Electric cars are gaining popularity fast. Unlike their predecessors, the current ones have more advanced technologies that can allow you to travel several miles before charging.

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