Hardwood Floor Refinishing Toronto

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Toronto 1

If you want to bring your old wood floors back to life, Alliance Floor Source can help you! As the leading supplier and installer of hardwood floors in Toronto, we specialize in hardwood floor refinishing. We are experienced in rejuvenating all types of wood floors to give your floors a new glow. We are a reputed name in Toronto for offering the finest floor installation, refinishing, and repair services.

Refinishing Toronto

Perfectly refinished wood flooring not only looks and feels amazing but is also easy to maintain and will last a lifetime. We have the resources and a team of experts to offer complete high-quality wood floor refinishing services in Toronto. The elegant and classic hardwood flooring has remained the first choice of both architects and homeowners for centuries. Hardwood floors look splendid and are also quite durable. However, it is natural that they sustain wear and tear due to day-to-day abuse of living. But with proper care and refinishing, a solid hardwood floor can last for decades and look no different than a brand new floor.

So, if your existing wood floors need refinishing or want to enhance your floors’ look, Alliance Floor Source is the perfect choice for you. Our technicians are trained to turn wood floors into stunning polished floors, irrespective of their condition or timber type. Moreover, we ensure to complete the work as quickly as possible and with minimum distraction to your lifestyle.

Finest Wood Floor Refinishing Toronto

Our goal is to turn your worn and scratched wood floors into pristine, gleaming floors. We professionally sand and refinish solid wood floorings in Toronto to provide you satiny smooth floors and flawless finishes. Our wood floor refinishing services include:

  • Scraping the existing boards
  • Restoring the original finish
  • Changing the stain color

Our Wood Floor Refinishing Process

Over time, wood floors suffer damage due to the dragging of furniture legs across the surface or dropping heavy items on the floor, which puts scratches and dents in the material. Our team will first examine your floors to determine the extent of damage before starting the refinishing process. Our refinishing process begins with sanding your wood floor to create a smooth foundation. Our professional refinishers know to use the right type of sandpapers needed for the job. We make use of finer sandpapers to take away all scratches and buff the floor with a screen. Before applying multiple coats of high-quality commercial-grade urethane, we thoroughly clean the floor.

Alliance Floor Source provides the highest quality wood floor refinishing service for commercial and residential spaces in Toronto. We possess complete knowledge of all wood species – their grain, color, and veining. Choosing your hardwood flooring depends on your personal preferences for color and the overall look you want to achieve. With us, you get peace of mind that your precious floor is in the right hands. We understand that not every wood needs to be sanded down to look great again. Depending on the floor, sometimes a simple buff and re-coat are sufficient to make the wood gleam like new. Moreover, we only use high-quality stains that are designed to penetrate and seal the wood and add a luxurious color to it. These surface finishes are durable, water-resistant, and form a protective coating. They usually come in high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and matte finishes.

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