Minute to Win It Games Ideas

Minute to Win It Games Ideas 1

Inspired by the NBC TV show, the following Atticus Blog Minute to Win It games ideas will help you have a blast at your party. The TV show’s gameplay involved contestants trying to complete a challenge given to them within a minute. These games prove as great ice breakers and build team spirit as well. There are many Minutes to Win It ideas that can be tried, using materials and objects you can find around your house.


In this game, the contestant has to balance a plate on his head and stack about 5 children’s building blocks. The stack needs to be balanced without falling for 3 seconds to win. The contestants are provided with half-full bottles of water. The participant’s challenge is to throw the bottle underarm, and it should land upright about 5 feet away. Every participant is given ten attempts to complete the challenge successfully. The contestant has to bounce a ping-pong ball onto a piece of bread. What is the challenge? The bread is covered with peanut butter and placed on a platform that is about 15 feet away. And, just bouncing the ball is not enough. The ball needs to stick on the bread.

The participant has to suck up M&M’s using only a flexible straw and transport them onto two or four flexible straws, which have been arranged vertically. To win, at least one M&M candy needs to be balanced at the end of the minute. Cooked pasta pieces are kept in a bowl, an empty bowl is placed on the side, and the contestants are given an uncooked spaghetti strand. In under a minute, the contestant needs to transfer 6 pieces of pasta using only the spaghetti held in the mouth. The contestant should be careful and avoid using hands, or it will result in a foul. Also, if the uncooked spaghetti strand breaks, the game is lost.

On a table, arrange a stack of candy canes (as many contestants as there will be) and a basket next to each stack. The contestants have to transfer as many candy canes as they can into the basket within a minute. The hitch is that they cannot use their hands and must only use a candy cane to transfer the other candy canes. The person who manages to transfer the maximum number wins.


Use a tub and fill it with water, then place a plastic plate in it. The challenge is to stack 5 aluminum cans on the plate in under a minute. The plate has no solid base because of the water, which adds to the challenge. The contestants have to place a Popsicle stick or a ruler into their mouth and stack 5 dice, one on top of the other under a minute. The dice have to be balanced for 3 seconds at least.

Place 5 bags of varying heights are on the ground for each contestant participating in the game. Using their mouths, the contestants have to transfer the bags from the ground to the table placed some distance away. The rule is that they cannot use their hands and cannot bend on all fours to retrieve the bags. Note: There are high chances of the participants tripping in this game. Make sure that you take the necessary precautions. These Minute to Win It games help create some interest during a boring office party and can be used as a team-building game. They are great ice breakers as well.

The contestant needs to wear a pedometer on the head using a headband. Then, he/she is supposed to get a minimum of 125 head jerks in one minute. A yo-yo is tied to the waist of the contestant. Using this yo-yo, the contestant is supposed to knock down four empty soda cans arranged at different levels from the ground. This is an interesting Minute to Win It games idea where the contestant runs a thread through the eye of not one, not four, but ten needles. The challenge is that each eye is smaller than the previous eye of the needle.

This is a stacking challenge, where the contestant stacks four lip balm containers on each other. The challenge is to stack the lip balms over a pair of chopsticks. The tower should stay in place for about 3 seconds to win the challenge. In this challenge, the contestant carries two eggs on inverted plates from point A to point B, 15 feet apart. If the egg drops, the contestant loses the challenge. In under a minute, the contestant needs to pull out all the 160 tissues in a tissue box using just one hand. A jumping game, where an empty box of tissues is tied to the back of the contestant’s belt. This box is filled with 8 tennis balls, and the contestant has to jump or wriggle to get the tennis balls out. Using hands is not allowed. One can use this game as a competition between players of different teams. Even if one cannot get all the 8 balls out, the player with the least tennis balls left in the box wins.

10 plastic cups are turned upside down and placed in a row on the table. The participants have to use only a straw and blow the plastic cups off the table. The contestant who manages to move all the cups off the table wins. Or, the participant that manages the maximum cups in under a minute wins. Stock up on the thickest cookies you can find and keep them on a table within easy reach. The contestants have to stack 10 cookies on top of the other on their forehead in under a minute. If the cookies fall, they have to start all over again. The kind of fun you can have playing these games is simply incomparable. So what we suggest you do is throw a party, call all your friends over and have a marathon Minute to Win It games special. You will love the rush that we promise.

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