A Power Strip is a square of electrical outlets that circulate AC current to various electrical gadgets such as computers, sound or video hardware, control instruments, lighting devices etc. Power strips are commonly used among households, offices and almost everywhere. On the other hand surge protectors’ helps to secure your electronic hardware from electrical floods and spikes. When it comes to buying power strips or surge protectors, there are some factors you should consider. Given below are some expert tips for buying power strips that you should follow. Read more to find out.


What string length and outlet arrangement do you require?

Decide how far you will put your electrical extension from your devices and select an electrical extension with a cable that has sufficient length. You should also determine the type of configuration you require, electrical extension outlet setups incorporate standard, right-edge, forward looking, raise confronting and end-mounted outlets.

Know Where to Invest

There are mainly two tier or types of power strips. You must assess both the types and decide which one you require. The infrared sensing feature of tier 2 models that allow the power strips to cut power when the appliances are turned off makes them better than Tier-1 model. This capacity gives them a chance to identify when your gadgets are idle by tuning in to infrared signs, similar to the ones from your TV, satellite or link remotes.

Buy the correct number of ports.

Most people assume that all power strips are either 6 or 8 ports. The number can go up to even 12 or 16 ports. You must buy a power strip that has sufficient number of ports to plug in all your devices. Purchasing the correct number of ports will ensure you don’t need to connect devices in a linear arrangement.

Pay attention to Details and Available Features

Understanding regular determinations and recognizing what highlights to search for can enable you to pick the best flood defender for your gadgets. Some of the most important factors to consider are, the joule rating which demonstrates the aggregate measure of vitality the gadget can ingest before you have to supplant it. As a rule, the higher the rating, the better and longer the gadget can secure. The Underwriters Laboratories Voltage Protection Rating commonly called as ULVPR demonstrates the clasping voltage. The lower the rating, the better the security. The most minimal UL rating for cinching voltage is 330 volts. Response time demonstrates how quick a flood defender can respond. Lower reaction times are better.


Just like all other electrical appliances, power strips also have a maker’s guarantee. Ensure that you have read the fine print with respect to the guarantee inclusion at the time of buying. Do not buy surge protectors or power strips that don’t have a guarantee. Most people tend to overlook this feature and buy power strips that are cheap. Always remember that buying cheap power strips will cause you more harm than benefit. Therefore always give importance to quality over price.


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