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When it comes to selecting a dive computer, there are various factors you need to take into account. Here I will run thru some of those elements and how the one’s elements will affect your diving. Firstly the most crucial factor in terms of deciding on a dive computer is the coloration, and the scale of the pc as all and sundry knows that Scuba Divers are a vain lot and prefer to expose off with massive watches and brightly colored equipment – JUST JOKING – (divers have a feel of humor too!)

Right onto the actual factors.

You need to, first of all, decide whether you need a console hooked up the laptop or a wrist hooked up Dive Computer. Some Dive Computers come with a wristband but can sincerely be taken out of the wristband and placed right into a console so you can exchange the arrangement at a later date. Still, many computers don’t, so you ought to make the selection whilst you purchase the computer.


So permit’s run via a few execs and cons of a wrist-mounted Dive Computer.

It is a non-public desire and might often be determined using what you are used to the usage as a leisure diver. In case you are hiring equipment, you may most in all likelihood get used to the setup and configuration of the leased equipment and, therefore, will tend to make your selection based on that. However, I strongly urge you to forget what sort of diving you intend to do before making your desire. I suggest using this is, are you going to remain a delight dive taking smooth laugh dives just for leisure, or do you intend to become a dive professional or a technical diver? Depending on that kind of driving you intend on doing have to help you decide on what sort of Dive Computer you may pick out.

  • Will you need a Nitrox Dive Computer or an Air Dive Computer?
  • Will you want an Air Integrated Dive Computer?
  • Will you wear your Dive Computer on your wrist or your console?

As a Dive Professional, I, in my opinion, pick a wrist-installed laptop as I generally need my arms to be unfastened to help student divers. In the case that I have a diver panic, I need that to allow you to manipulate that diver and glaringly assist control their assent if they’re trying to make their manner to the surface. By having a wrist-mounted computer, I can keep onto the scholar and keep my pc at eye level to make sure we are not making a fast ascent, whereas if I had a console-mounted pc handy could be tied up conserving my console up to eye degree.


If you intend on doing technical or deep diving as a way to require deco stops or, in case, you locate yourself in tight crevices, caves, or swim-throughs, I, for my part, suppose it higher to have a wrist-mounted computer. Again for the truth that whilst you’re retaining your deco line, you have got your Dive Computer at eye degree, so it just takes a look to check your intensity and time as opposed to having to maintain the deco line and the console. Also, at the same time as in tight regions, you could no longer be able to reach your console in which a wrist-installed laptop will usually be handy.


If you don’t plan on turning into a Dive Professional or a Technical Diver, then a console-mounted Dive Computer can be a higher choice. Generally, in quality recreational diving, your dive laptop is simply going for use as a timing device to exercise session your tables to hold you safe from staying down too long; you are not going to need to constantly test your computer even as making fast ascents or at fantastic depths. For this reason, it is on your console, out of your manner, and is there for you to check on it now and again at some point of your dive just as you do your air. The other gain of getting a pc on your console is that it will usually be part of your dive tools. Hence, whilst you % for a dive, you realize that when you have your regulator installation on your dive bag, then your pc is there too, unlike a wrist-mounted laptop which will be without difficulty left at home while you move diving. So again for leisure functions, a console installed diver pc make a variety of experience.

Like you, most in all likelihood, won’t be dealing with panicked divers or decompression stops; you’ll not need to monitor your dive computer on each ascent as you end up used to create a gradual ascent yourself. These are the 2 most important factors you want to don’t forget. However, as I mentioned earlier than you ought to plan for the destiny and consider if you plan on diving with Nitrox, you’ll want a Nitrox well-matched pc to preserve your security for your dives. You also can get air-included dive computers on the way to preserve the music of your air in addition to your intensity and instances, so casting off one extra Dive Gauge in your console. You might select a laptop like this if you need to move line your dive equipment, and you are comfy with the use of laptop-based total generation to monitor your air delivery while on a dive.


If you’re truly interested in streamlining your Dive Equipment, then you can get air included hoseless wrist installed Dive Computers which have a transmitter connected to your first stage regulator in preference to a hose allowing you cast off any Dive Gauge Console absolutely. Again you must be comfy with the technology used to monitor your air delivery – this time without a hose. These computers are an outstanding way of streamlining your system, as we all know how cumbersome your dive tools can be. Aside from all the above, you have to consider capability and functions: does the laptop has a light, has audio alarms, can or not downloaded onto a pc if you want to log your dives online.

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