Natural stone becomes damaged and scratched after a good number of years, and during such a situation, many people opt for stone restoration. Grinding, polishing, honing, and changing the surface are some of the stone restoration methods. But since this is a process that requires in-depth knowledge and skill, hiring a professional stone restoration contractor would be ideal than doing it yourself. Since many people are doing the same business, selecting one out of many to get the best results is tough. Here are some tips to help you make your decision wisely. Read more to find out.


Do your research well.

Make use of the internet to do your research and for shortlisting contractors. Seek help from your neighbors as they must know about such companies providing services in your neighborhood and have also worked with a few. One additional advantage of searching online is that you get the liberty of comparing different companies and reading reviews and feedbacks from previous customers.

Reputation and Feedback

Make sure that you enlist contractors who have positive and favorable reviews and ratings on their website. Do not ignore any critical reviews as you might get to know something crucial from those. Also, go by the number of years a contractor has been in service; experience can guarantee their work.

Portfolio Check

Many organizations have their portfolio displayed on their website. It is essentially a good idea to look at the portfolios to get an idea of their previous work. The portfolios could also act as a guide for you to decide which type of stonework you want at your own place. See if the contractor has worked at different places and knows how to produce various styles.

Certified and trained

It would help if you enquired about their training and certifications. And also have a check on their license and permit. Ask if they hire only those workers who have the necessary skills and experience as you really don’t want any unskilled laborer operating at your place. Good contractors often provide the best and professional results.

Workers compensation insurance

There is a lot of risks involved in any form of construction and remodeling. Workers could be prone to injuries and accidents during the process, so the company you hire must protect their workers. This frees you from the burden of being responsible any paying medical bills in case of mishaps. Ask the contractor to show you the certificates or get them in writing. And never hire anyone reluctant to provide workers compensation insurance.

One who understands your need

An expert contractor starts by asking the client questions such as the extent of damage, their expectations, needs, etc. He will try to analyze and understand the problem and educate you on the steps to be taken. They also try to take care of the nearby area from the damage.

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