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Weatherbug - Android App Review 1

Android phone for greater than, say…5 mins; chances are you’ve already been looking for an app that shows the modern-day climate. All Android phones come pre-installed with some shape of climate app. However, almost all of these are very basic and constrained in capabilities.


Today, I am going to check one of my favorite Android climate apps, WeatherBug.

Look And Feel

When you first set up WeatherBug, the first factor you may note is that advertisements support the unfastened version. Using my “Sherlock Holmes” detective abilities and a compass from a cereal container, I actually have deduced that there has to be a paid version of the app that removes those. Sure enough, after long nights and amassing statements from random passerby’s, I actually have confirmed (via searching at the Android Market for approximately 30 seconds) that there’s certainly a paid, advert-unfastened model. More on that later.

The app’s layout is quite simple, and it really works that way nicely. When you open WeatherBug, you right away get the present-day temperature, wind pace, and path, in addition to a brief-term forecast. At the bottom of the webpage, you’ll see a few icons. Each of those icons will provide you with a few extra details about what’s taking place around you, But we speak me climate right here, now not which bars have the quality glad hour. The 2nd icon from the left displays the 7-day forecast, which will break that forecast down into extraordinary components of the day by swiping to the aspect of the screen. By swiping again, the forecast is broken down even similarly into an hourly forecast.

The subsequent icon to the proper will show a map of which you can allow layers. This one is easily my preferred and maximum used display screen. Here, you can display contemporary radar, satellite, and temperatures. While being capable of seeing those is fine, one primary feature of the “Elite” model is looking at “shifting” radar. Simply put, you could view the radar in motion. That’s quite available when you have a store nearby. The best part about this selection is that the map is furnished using Google, meaning you’re essentially searching at Google Maps with climate radar. That’s highly fine in case you are on a street ride and want to see in case you’re heading for a hurricane.

Moving again to the proper, the next icon looks like a digital camera, and that’s because it is precisely what it is. By deciding on it, you may be capable of scroll through distinctive live weather feeds in your place. This is certainly exceptional if you need to see what kind of climate occurs in the town after you or some other place nearby.


The next icon breaks down the temperature, precipitation, wind, sun, humidity, and stress into precise information; And I do imply particular. The meteorologist in everyone can experience right at domestic with all of these facts.


Do you’ve got hypersensitive reactions? The subsequent icon summarizes the pollen depend and is accompanied via a national pollen map, showing how the best pollen counts had been observed. After that, there is a movie reel icon that shows a video of the countrywide weather forecast. If you’ve lacked your nearby tv news forecast, be anxious no greater because it’s constructed properly. Next to that is the advisory panel. Any weather indicators or advisories on your location are displayed right here. If you need, you could set WeatherBug to inform you if there are advisories in your region. In that manner, you do not have to test this display too often. Last but now not least is the assist segment. Here you will find answers to common troubles or questions within the app.

What I Like About This App

WeatherBug is chocked complete of records. Being that there’s a lot of it, the interface is very prepared. Lesser apps might make you feel crushed using several records at your fingertips. However, WeatherBug makes you sense like you’ve been the usage of it for years.

What Could Be Better

My least preferred feature with this app is the star cameras. While they may be useful to a few people, you can not pick cameras in a particular place, and the cameras themselves are not very clean. Understandably, the clarity of man or woman cameras is not the obligation of the makers of WeatherBug. Still, a little greater customization to the choice of cameras might be first-class.

Elite Version

As stated earlier, the loose model of WeatherBug is ad-supported. Some of you can not be bothered by using the ads, however individually, there is a lot of information to be seen, and I do not want it ruined by commercials. Also stated in advance, lively radar maps are a feature of the elite version. This changed into an ought to have for me because there are only a few weather apps out there that offer this selection while giving so much extra statistics. Also, with the elite version are some quite excellent widgets. The elite widget (certainly named that) is a radar map for your private home display screen, so if you need to look at the radar at a glance, you don’t even ought to open the app. Besides, you’re getting all of this for a whole two dollars. If you can not spare two greenbacks for an incredible climate app, then what are you doing with a smartphone?



WeatherBug is pretty without difficulty my climate app of desire. Being real of a perfectionist, I have attempted almost every weather app obtainable; Even many paid ones. With high-quality capabilities like lively maps (Elite), temperature overlays, alerts, pollen count numbers, special forecasts, an extra, this weather app sits atop the mountain even as telling all of the other apps what the climate is like.

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