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Several agencies of the US authorities aid departments which have mandates that will help you boom your export sales and decrease dangers with reference to the sales of products and services to Africa. These departments exist within US organizations such as the Export-Import Bank of the US, the Department of Commerce, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. All are supported by means of a rather current regulation known as The African Growth and Opportunity Act. The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) was signed into regulation with the aid of President Bush on May 18, 2000, as Title 1 of The Trade and Development Act of 2000. The Act offers tangible incentives for African international locations to hold their efforts to open their economies and build free markets.

The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) has been changed three times to increase exports to Africa.

In the first modification, AGOA become modified in to appreciably increase preferential get entry to for imports from beneficiary Sub-Sarahan African nations in numerous approaches: 1) The time period “cloth” changed into formerly interpreted through U.S. Customs as aside from components which might be “knit-to-shape” (i.E. Components that take their form within the knitting process, as opposed to being reduced from a bolt of cloth); now knit-to-form clothing will qualify for AGOA blessings. 2) The definition of hybrid cutting become broadened to consist of cutting of cloth in the U.S. And/or AGOA countries. 3) The extent cap on a duty-unfastened remedy for clothing made from material made in AGOA areas or, for lesser evolved beneficiary countries from material made everywhere became doubled. 4) Botswana and Nambia have been especially particular as much less evolved nations.

In the second one modification, AGOA’s durations for a preferential remedy for African imports to the United States have been expanded.

In the 0.33 amendment, referred to as AGOA “1V” turned into elevated and liberalized again. In essence, US legal guidelines had been created to increase US exports to Africa and imports from Africa to America.

Pursuant to AGOA, the United States organized a U.S.-Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Forum hosted through the Secretaries of State, Commerce, Treasury, and the U.S. Trade Representative. The Forum serves as the automobile for ordinary speak among the US and African countries on issues of economics, trade, and funding. This fosters a unique cooperation among US groups, African nations, and US businesses that prefer to grow export sales to Africa with minimal danger.

How does this paintings? It includes the Export Assistance Centers of the United States Department of Commerce to assist you with your advertising and sales efforts to Africa and economic guide from the Export-Import Bank of the United States to Banks that take part in and finance the export of goods and offerings to Africa in a variety of programs.

The Export Assistance Centers are a part of the U.S. Commercial Services that is the alternate merchandising of the International Trade Administration (part of the USA Department of Commerce). Their venture is to offer 1) marketplace research in the form of usa unique commercial publications; 2) industry area analysis; and three) inner market insight reports. They provide alternate counsel and advocacy via every step of the export process. They sponsor exchange activities that sell your product or offerings to certified African shoppers. They offer introductions to certified consumers and vendors. They will help settle disputes and negotiate tariff troubles. Once described as “glorified matchmakers” they’ll go as a long way as viable that will help you export correctly to Africa- even to the US Ambassador to facilitate those targets, if suitable.

And they help with the nuts and bolts of exporting to Africa along with putting in meetings for you with up to 5 prospective customers according to day, deciding on drivers, translators, and inns. When you go to Africa to sell your items or services you will not be making a cold call; you’ll be meeting with pre-qualified human beings while you take part on this software- all at a nominal cost to cover the organization’s fees.

It is necessary so that it will certainly travel to Africa and meet face to face to successfully export to Africa. This is a cultural necessity. African groups do now not perform like American companies in which we trust negotiations performed over the smartphone and net, and frequently transact without ever assembly the client or seller.

What exports are needed in Africa? You can examine the studies reviews to discover specifically what’s in the call for. At the top of the listing, you’ll see merchandise that purifies water. Africa has a large water infrastructure want. There is also a tremendous hobby in safety associated devices such as excessive tech gadgets to save you robbery of vehicles and growth recovery of stolen cars. Textile manufacturing system and telecommunications system additionally head the lists. Certain medical gadgets also are in demand.

What are some of the demanding situations concerning growing or increasing your export income to Africa? It is difficult to qualify customers; there are constrained credit score reporting centers in Africa; African organizations’ auditing and accounting structures are not “world elegance”. And it’s far tough to examine who will truly pay as promised in your negotiations. To minimize those dangers its miles prudent to work with the Export-Import Bank and their correspondent banks and coverage brokers for international trade transactions to Africa.

There are particular Export-Import Bank standards for the short-term and medium time period credit score; these can be placed on their internet site at exim.Gov. Financing ensures and insurance are to be had for quick term financing in 44 Sub-Sarahan African international locations. They facilitate greater aggressive terms for African shoppers. After America correspondent financial institution has reviewed and accredited you for financing, you could use these guarantees and coverage to reduce your money owed receivable financing chance while extending credit score to African customers. This applies to transactions in which you have got effectively added your products or services to African consumers.

Unfortunately, there currently is no manner to ensure towards settlement frustration, also referred to as a transactional threat. In different phrases, you take the risk of default if a prospective African buyer cancels the transaction before it is finished. You are at risk regarding disputes along with delivery or product specs till they’re resolved. And you can not avoid devaluation of forex as a political chance both.

On the opposite hand, industrial risks such as insolvency, bankruptcy, and persistent default are protected risks making use of those programs; also protected are political risks along with conflict, revolution and insurrection.

The backside line: you may use bills receivable financing to export to Africa to increase your income, minimize risks, and growth your working capital while you work with the ideal US corporations, their correspondent banks, and coverage agents.

Randall J. Lopez

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