Nowadays, an impressive number of offices are installing glass window privacy films in their open spaces to build a spectacular, aesthetic substitute for boring walls. Glass panels not only free the employees of that feeling of being isolated and out-casted but they can also be viewed as a stand-alone work of art and magnificent architecture. However, floor-to-ceiling glass panels can be distracting for employees as they are completely see-through. Also, the employees are prone to be seen while working. A solution to balance the aesthetics and privacy of glass panels is by using frosted vinyl privacy films.


There are several reasons why you should switch to frosted glass panels instead of the regular ones–


Contemporary offices sure do involve many glassworks, but sometimes, glass panels could be hampering the required privacy of the employees. To not go back to the plain, opaque partitions and still win at the aesthetics game, frosted privacy films could be the right option. Coming in various designs, cuts, and patterns, frosted vinyl can be customized according to your needs and hence, will serve the dual purpose of blocking the view for trespassers and beautification at the same time. Thereby giving you a full score for impressive decor.


Although employees would not want to be completely isolated from other departments, they would still want to protect their sensitive data like staff member’s information,  data regarding human resources or finance on their computers, or just money that could be on their desk. To provide for privacy, frosted vinyl can be used. The vinyl can be customized in whichever way that suits you best you. You can make the frosted vinyl cover a middle third portion of the entire glass panel to provide adequate privacy while not completely separating the department.


Frosted vinyl panels also serve a greater purpose than just privacy and beautification. You can market your brand via your glass panels. Frosted glass panels with etched logos are a successful go-to marketing strategy for any organization. In this way, you can maintain a great deal of professionalism with appropriate decoration. Panels with etched logos or company names are best suited for doors and windows that face outside to be visible to the public. Such panels, therefore, serve the purpose of easy and noticeable marketing and branding without being too loud or in-the-face.

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