Amazon Kindle – Is it Really the New iPod?

Amazon Kindle - Is it Really the New iPod? 1

The Amazon Kindle seems to be the cutting-edge hot “need to have” machine on the market proper now. It seems very a lot as if the eBook reader is a concept whose time has come – and the Amazon Kindle is absolutely the satisfactory instance of this sort of tool on the market right now. It is also, and let’s make no bones approximately it here, cool.

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The Kindle has been as compared to the Apple iPod – which now has a kindle utility that allows you to read Kindle books on it – via some of the enterprise observers. Indeed, going proper lower back to the release of the unique Kindle in November of 2007, Steven Levy’s Newsweek cowl article recommended that the Kindle turned into the “… IPod of studying”. Two and a half years down the road, evidently drawing parallels between the 2 devices would possibly move some manner closer to know-how the present-day extraordinary achievement of the Kindle – and perhaps even a few insight into what may occur within the close to destiny.

Amazon supremo Jeff Bezos is quoted as pronouncing, again way returned in 2007, that “This [the Kindle] isn’t a tool, it is a provider.” – and that is certainly essential to expertise why the Kindle works so well in Amazon’s enterprise model. Some criticisms had been levied on the Kindle’s high charge – it currently retails at $359 for the Kindle 2, slightly reduced from the original Kindle fee of $399. The unique iPod turned into priced at $399 whilst it became launched – prices have fallen because the product became first regularly occurring, after which passed thru mainstream to nearly ubiquitous. At the same time, the capability has elevated.

Apple is, and has been for some time now, synonymous with tune downloads and has expanded the available range of products to encompass motion pictures, games, and a bunch of packages for the iPod. Similarly, Amazon is strongly related to books, making the Kindle a super product preference for them. The recent declaration of the bigger Kindle DX is noteworthy, not merely due to the numerous technical improvements it offers, but because it improves Amazon’s ability to deliver newspapers, magazines, or even instructional textbooks to its clients.

It might be wrong to discount the technical components of the Kindle series of readers completely, of course, but plainly, for Amazon, the technology is a means to a cease instead of the end itself. In fact, as far as the e-book reader era goes, Amazon is pretty late to the celebration when you recollect that there were contenders, including the Franklin eBook (now not being advanced however nonetheless, to be had from a few sources) kicking around due to the fact 1999. Sony has had eBook readers for a while. Some of the others have already died a loss of life; others are soldiering on without, currently as a minimum, attracting anything like the volume of interest generated with the aid of the Kindle.

Another key benefit loved with the aid of Amazon right now is the 3G wireless technology used to permit Kindle customers to download their ebooks in much less than a minute without the use of a pc or an internet connection – and without being tied into a month-to-month agreement or having to pay a download charge. It’s a splendid example of how Amazon has used the technology to offer a perceived advantage for his or her customers.

No monthly connection charge and no download costs mean that customers do now not sense tied in or dedicated to the Amazon service, a critical component considering the extraordinarily high price ticket charge and the cutting-edge financial climate. Of course, even as clients might be capable of buy ebooks in some other place to be used with their Kindle, it is nevertheless going to be plenty simpler for them to shop for from Amazon’s wide and ever-expanding choice of Kindle-friendly books. Amazon will look a lot of repeat business – just as Apple does with their iTunes store.

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Using the iPod experience to predict the Kindle’s ability destiny, it seems not likely that the Kindle will have the entirety its own manner. As previously stated, there are already several current opportunities for eBook readers available on the market – the Sony PRS is probably the greatest participant aside from the Kindle right now, but there are others. These will both improve and offer robust competition for the Kindle or disappear from the market. Also worth thinking about is the truth that there are several latest readers in improvement. Plastic Logic has a Kindle DX-sized reader in development which has been scheduled for release in 2010. Rumors abound about the discharge of an Apple tablet-based laptop, recommended to be aimed toward the space among an iPod Touch and a completely blown MacBook. It might now not be too fanciful to assume that Apple would possibly enlarge their iStore to encompass ebooks simply as they elevated it to consist of motion pictures after the release of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

And it’s not just more difficult competition based on progressed reader era that Amazon might also face. In March of 2009, Google and Sony introduced that Google’s large library of public area e-books could be made available without spending a dime on Sony’s reader. That’s a total of six hundred 000 titles and is a clear signal that the eBook reader marketplace will be fiercely contested in destiny. At the moment, Amazon is sitting pretty. It has a massive number of ebooks in its library; it has the wi-fi generation to offer charge-free downloads and, most vital of all – the Kindle is cool. Whether or no longer it develops right into a ubiquitous iPod type product or now not within the face of what’s going to be fierce competition simplest time possibly will inform. Amazon has been more than clever so far, so it appears likely that they may be a major participant in this rising marketplace for a long time to return.

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One aspect seems certain; we can all choose to study books, magazines, newspapers, or even textbooks for the usage of transportable digital readers within the on-the-spot destiny. As a competition, volumes of scale and advancements in technology combine to pressure prices; this can become an increasingly more famous choice for plenty, probably even a majority of, readers. The way we examine is ready to change, probably faster than you might imagine.

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