Four Free Blogging Platforms Battle it Out – Who’s Best?

Four Free Blogging Platforms Battle it Out - Who's Best? 1

While blogging can be a profitable means to earn money for some, for lots of us, it’s far cheaper and, with any luck absorbing hobby. While skilled bloggers may want to put money into a few expert hosting, getting began with a free website online is sufficient for lots of us. Indeed, many writers recommend that paid website hosting isn’t always even necessary for your blog to be a fulfillment.


An easy idea experiment would possibly verify this for you. For a second, it’s miles crucial no longer to think as a blogger or a number, but as a normal internet person; a normal weblog reader – particularly, the kind of reader you are looking for to go to your weblog. Suppose, as an instance; you’re taking into account beginning a weblog all about conventional vehicles. A traditional vehicle enthusiast activates their pc and possibly goes to Google and types in a few seek words. There are probably to be many, many blogs; after clicking on a few links, our tourist will study a number of them and, if suitably inspired, will possibly join them, bookmark them, or leave a remark. At no point did the blog tourist use whether you had an expert-searching “dot com” URL or whether or not you had been using the brand new WordPress plugins as an element to pick your web page over any other. All they have been inquisitive about is whether your blog introduced the content they have been interested in. There are successful, free websites available. Can you probably make a fulfillment on any platform?

The contenders

For this text’s purposes, the author started with a weblog on Posterous – a non-public preferred, however with a beneficial feature that would help in this check. By enabling auto-post on a Posterous blog, the submit can routinely be reposted to multiple blog sites; in this manner, after adding the opposite structures – WordPress.Com, Tumblr, and Blogger – four loose blogs with the identical underlying content material can be quickly created. The benefit of the Posterous weblog is straightforward set up and posting through e-mail. Posterous websites are clean and simple, with few bells and whistles.

In a similar vein to Posterous, websites on Tumblr.Com allow multimedia posting with the rush of a button and permit posting through email. Like Posterous, Tumblr additionally pursuits for easy setup and easy customization with subject matters; however, Tumblr aggressively pushes integration with social media websites; in reality, Tumblr considers the “tumblelog” as social media in its own proper, to be shared, reposted, and favorited within the Tumblr network.

Blogger is subsequent; acquired by using the gargantuan Google in 2003 and often derided for not getting quite as plenty attention as different Google merchandise, it is the whole thing you’ll anticipate from the hunt engine behemoth. The consciousness is greater on integration with other Google products than simplicity; many menu alternatives and customization alternatives are not pretty entry-stage. However, size does count; and a large quantity of Blogger blogs does advise a large quantity of community assist, not to mention there’s truely the inspiration that at least one seek engine will crawl the pages.

Finally, there may be the option of a hosted weblog at WordPress.Com – basically, a slimmed-down model of the whole WordPress product presented without cost web hosting. Offering familiarity and portability in case you do ever determine to upgrade to the total WordPress providing – here it’s far vital to distinguish between the web hosting presented at WordPress.Com and the entire product at WordPress.Org – it’s miles very an awful lot a sandbox version of the entire product with restrained plugins and customization to be had.

First, take a look at the ease of use.

Blogging Platforms

For the primary test, ease of posting becomes the metric used to compare the websites. It is really worth pointing out now that the adulthood of Web packages need to imply there is no excuse in any way for any web site to offer negative or difficult enhancing and publishing alternatives; the Web interfaces ought to be smooth and purposeful. As far as web interfaces pass, Blogger appears to have a slight lead over WordPress when it comes to ease of use, although WordPress does have extra complete formatting options. It is the greater alternatives that make it barely greater hard. Tumblr wins for media, practically one-click publishing; however, ordinary textual content weblogs are lacking in alternatives and flexibility, and, alas, what you spot does now not constantly healthy what you get. I also located the Tumblr interfaces painfully sluggishly. So much for net interface comparisons; Posterous’ web interface is just as equipped as any of them, but using Posterous’ post-by means of-email feature means Posterous wins hands down in this class, the usage of the interface you’re likely greater familiar with than any other; your email software. This factor: Posterous.

The second check: presentation

The give-up consequences are of route essential. Posterous websites are rather spartan. In reality, themes were an overdue addition, so the cease result of a Posterous website online is commonly a straightforward, minimalist, and stylish website. WordPress sites will be predisposed to searching the most expert; however, they are also capable of being widgeted to the point where they’re hideous. Just due to the fact WordPress can help you add sure gadgetry does now not imply which you ought to. The Blogger websites are typically fine and feature a bigger quantity of issues to pick out from out of the box; it appears less complicated to find something that’s relatively attractive, although, for some purpose, it is traditionally Blogger. I am afraid the Tumblr websites do no longer score excessively in this place; it seems to be very hard for a Tumblr website to appear high-quality; I changed into now not glad about the look of many of the check pages published. This factor: left to personal taste.

The third check: customization

For the customization check, we considered what widgets are available via default and then whether a particular feature will be customized; especially, we looked to see if commenting conduct can be modified. Customization on both Posterous and Tumblr is restrained from subjecting selection with possibly a few manual code enhancing to modify the subject matter’s features. In idea, Tumblr needs to guide other customizations, inclusive of the Intense Debate commenting plugin; however, while this creator attempted it, the customization regarded to deprive the existing Tumblr stylesheet (what appeared like HTML or CSS showed up at the web page. Very possibly a missing near the tag, but this test turned into below the guise of an entry-stage user unfamiliar with coding).

The WordPress.Com choice of plugins, in all fairness restrained and sparse; definitely not the big names you would look for on a hosted WordPress site, although, failing all else, it does allow HTML-stage customizations. The widgets on offer do no longer allow for a good deal inside customization apart from additional web page factors. Finally, Blogger seems extra open to customization and, clearly using a distinctive feature of the number of Blogger websites round, is supported by many plugin vendors. Of route, Google would like this to be the case for his or her own AdSense monetization. Intense Debate set up painlessly on Blogger, and within moments, the acclaimed CommentLuv was strolling on a blogger website. If someone customization is probably enough to pick one blog host over any other, CommentLuv is probably it. This factor: Blogger.

The fourth test: acceptability

Blogging Platforms

For an acceptability check, we attempted to “claim” each weblog (with their default domain names which includes blogname.Posterous.Com) with the huge name in blogging directories, Technorati, see how the indexing engines would vary of their remedy of free blogs over hosted domain call ones. Technorati right away did not just like the Posterous website URL. Even as it diagnosed the Tumblr and Blogger URLs as hosted blogs, there needs to be a considerable amount of code on those pages that left Technorati unable to tell that the pages had been in English. Only the WordPress web page changed into typical and indexed without query. Likewise, a WordPress blog seems better suited; it’s miles what a weblog needs to look like. This point: WordPress.


This article set out to reply to the query “who is high-quality?” out of the four systems put to the take a look at, which presented the great possibility of success. However, the article also cleverly avoided defining exactly what “exceptional” without a doubt intended, and “a success” can mean different things to distinctive people as properly. You can also degree success in terms of visitors, economic go back, or possibly a few another shape of contentment; the best alternative for you is probably eased of use, flexibility, look, or ability to upgrade to a hosted solution later. The scores above got here out pretty even; I am willing to offer Tumblr the gain of the doubt as I even have seen outstanding things done with it. Take a look over which of the exams above are maximum essential to you, and allow that be your guide; in quick thought, this author would advocate Posterous for ease of use, WordPress.Com for future upgradability, Blogger for capabilities (relative to other unfastened services), and Tumblr for social integration. No depend on what course you pick; there is no replacement for difficult work to seek out fulfillment. Best wishes!

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