How to Save Battery Life at the HTC EVO

How to Save Battery Life at the HTC EVO 1

Like heaps, I ran out opening weekend and grabbed up a Sprint HTC EVO. The EVO is, in reality, the good phone I even have ever owned. Yet, the biggest complaint going through the EVO is battery life. Well, the good information is that I even have observed several tricks and suggestions to extend the battery existence over 50%, and I am right here to percentage them with you. The primary complaint I usually examine approximately elite system telephones or smartphones is their battery lifestyles. The battery difficulty is now not only relegated to the HTC EVO. I prevented the iPhone and iPods for some years because of their troubles with battery life. Fortunately for you EVO owners, it would not usually be that way. Now, if you left your HTC EVO set up the way it’s miles whilst you open up the container, you will be upset with the phone’s battery life. If you left your cell phone on with the 4G network-enabled, your EVO’s battery life would not make it through the day. I learned that the tough way. So that stated, here are some easy steps you may take to extend your EVO’s battery life over 50%.

Save Battery Life

Tip #1 – Download the Advanced Task Killer app from the app shop. If I changed into going to rank the have-to-have apps for the EVO, this would be number one. Go to the market icon on your cell phone, type in “Advanced Task Killer,” and download it. It is unfastened. Once you’ve got downloaded it, could you put it on your own home display? Click it, and you’ll see a listing of each app and project this is jogging in your EVO. The first time I did it, I become bowled over, and you will be too. Some of these apps in your EVO will turn on automatically with no rhyme or reason. Unless you notice the apps walking, you will don’t have any concept. These apps are bleeding the battery existence of your phone dry! Check every app you want to kill, after which the faucet “Kill selected apps.” I take a look at all of them. I will turn them on if and after I need them. This child will prevent big time on your battery lifestyles, and it’s far loose.

Tip #2 – Download the Battery Status Pro app from the app save. If I became going to rank the ought to to-have EVO apps, this would be variety two. This is an exceptional app, and it is one hundred% free. Once more, visit the marketplace location icon on your phone, kind in “Battery Status Pro,” and download it. There is a paid and unfastened model. You most effectively want the free version. Please put this on your house screen when you download it. Tap it, and you will see an entire breakdown of the battery lifestyles left in your smartphone. You get right down to the second one time left in your battery in diverse modes from Standby Time, Talktime, Internet Use (with or without Wi-Fi), and so on. This app will help you realize precisely how awful a lot of time you have for something you want to do. This is a perfect way to budget your battery life to no longer waste it on something you do now not need.

Tip #three – Change the brightness of your property screen. Out of the box, your HTC EVO is shiny as a summertime day’s solar. It seems super, but you really do not need all of that brightness unless you are in a dark vicinity. Tap your menu button on the lowest of the EVO and visit Settings – Sounds & Display – Brightness. There you can slide your bar all the way to the left as a way to darken your cell phone and prevent lots of battery life. You’d be surprised at the distinction in your EVO’s battery existence after you make this simple adjustment.

Save Battery Life

Tip #four – Turn off that 4G! Look, I am nevertheless no longer satisfied that 4G is the be-all and end-all that Sprint is making it out to be. 4G is great, and also, you pay for it. However, it will suck your battery dry. You do not need it. 3G is just as speedy, and it’s going to now not almost harm your battery life that 4G will do. I simplest use the 4G if I have my EVO plugged in someplace. To flip it off clearly, tap your Menu button on the bottom of the phone, go to Settings-Wireless & Networks – 4G. Tap the 4G button and watch it disconnect. Your smartphone will now be related to the network thru 3G. At the same time, you are in Wireless & Networks, faucet the button next to Wi-Fi. This will disconnect your EVO from continuously looking for Wi-Fi networks so that it will additionally drain your battery. If you want to connect with a Wi-Fi network, tap it once more to turn it returned on.

Tip #5 – Adjust your email settings. Users can modify the frequency to which the network searches on their emails. If you have your EVO trying to find your emails every 5 mins, those searches each little while will assist in drain your battery. Go to Messages, faucet the menu button at the bottom-More- Settings-Send & Receive-Set download frequency. Here you could modify the community to check for the new mail every five-60 mins. Depending upon the account and how frequently you need to look at the new email, I could propose every 30 minutes. Now you can continually open your messages inside the interim to robotically refresh and convey up any new mail. However, this tiny adjustment will assist the shop pretty a chunk of battery life for the duration of the day.

Tip #6 – Turn off your social networks. The EVO gives a ton of extraordinary apps for social networking. Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter all have their personal apps. This makes existence loads less complicated if you are as involved with the social networks as I am. However, a default placing on a maximum of those apps will maintain them indefinitely to provide you with instantaneous notifications throughout your network. This is all nice and tops; however that tiny luxurious will kill your battery life. Please make certain you have got those apps all set no longer to replace them automatically. To ensure, faucet your Advanced Task Killer and kill them if they may be jogging.

Save Battery Life

Tip #7 – Make positive to show off your property display. If you are like me, you like to leave your cellphone open continuously for new emails, notifications, and so on. However, this could kill your battery and isn’t always constantly essential. If you are busy or might not want the smartphone straight away, honestly tap the button on the very pinnacle of your telephone. This places your telephone into sleep mode. Your cellphone continues to be on, and you will pay attention to notifications, but you will keep hours on your battery lifestyle by using leaving the EVO in standby mode. Additionally, make sure your home display times out at some point if you neglect to do that manually. Go to the Menu button on the bottom and then Settings-Sound & Display – Screen timeout. Here you have the option to have your private home shut down anywhere from 15 seconds to in no way. For me, 15 seconds is a touch too short. I want to maintain mine set to 2 minutes. I could probably keep a touch more life at the battery using taking it down to a minute. However, this is just too quick for me and the manner I use my EVO. Either way, you’ve got masses of alternatives here; make certain you use them.

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