Battery Tips for Your iOS 7

Battery Tips for Your iOS 7 1

“Curse you iOS7!” as my fumble hands search for an outlet to resuscitate my iPhone5. This submits may be a bit dated. I actually have purposely waited. I hoped a brand new replacement, tip, SOMETHING might remedy my automotive battery’s short lifespan. I am running on more popular than ever because Steve Jobs passed away (RIP my genius). Apple went to hell in a handbasket (something my mother could say). However, I may be quiet now not. I even have attempted every “tip” out there, simplest to be caught, usually in the center of nowhere (that is, anywhere without an outlet) with no battery, no cellphone, no lifeline. This post of rage will move over the obvious battery-saving features if you haven’t tried them. I, for one, have now not determined these be the solution. But all of us must begin somewhere, so here it goes.


1. Do Less-Battery-Intensive Things

Really? Yes, that is one of the hints touted with the aid of tech writers anywhere. Why even have an iPhone? But, if you restrict speaking time on the cell phone (not cool), movies, video games, and internet browsing, it will help. Similarly, limit battery -extensive apps (extra at the worse apps for battery lifestyles later this week).

2. Turn off Equalizer

In case you failed to be aware, the song app has an equalizer if you want to regulate bass, treble, and so on. By turning this off, your song revels in may additionally go through. However, you’ll shop battery existence. When I first study this, I notion “no way”! Then I went to test my settings. I didn’t have it on anyway, so there ya pass!

Find it in Settings -> Music -> EQ -> Tap off

3. Turn Bluetooth Off

We love our Bluetooth, specifically when using, but it’s miles a battery drainer. Turn off Bluetooth except whilst you’re using it; this can assist enlarge battery life.
Find it in Settings -> Bluetooth -> Move Slider to Off


4. Turn Off 4G/LTE

How happy had we been when we heard LTE changed into coming? Needless to say, all excellent deeds do no longer go unpunished. Not highly, using 4G LTE requires more battery lifestyles. I realize that is tough, but if you use 3G ( you know what we couldn’t wait to get away from), it will assist your battery existence. Even downsizing from LTE to 4G will assist. Of course, you’ll need your battery because everything takes two times as long. Find it in Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Slide Enable LTE to Off at the iPhone five or more moderen.

5. Keep Wi-Fi Off

Wi-Fi is every other type of excessive-velocity community that your iPhone can connect to. It is faster than 3G; however, you are restricted to in which there’s a hotspot. As with the Bluetooth, maintaining the Wi-Fi on with the hopes of locating a hotspot will drain your battery. Have it on only while you are the use of it. Just don’t forget, or your statistics plan will skyrocket. Find it in Settings -> WiFi -> Slide to Off

6. Turn Off Location Services

A very excellent characteristic of the iOS7 is an integrated Gps. But of course, it drains the battery. Shutting it off may be a problem whilst you need it quickly. However, it’ll keep battery existence. Find it in Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Slide to Off.

7. Prevent vehicle update of Apps.

IOS7 will mechanically update your apps for you. This is a splendid characteristic that will reduce battery existence. Yep, do it manually. Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Updates -> flow slider to off/white.

8. Turn Data Push Off

Sorry, no more comfort of having everything there for you whilst you pick up your telephone. Reduce how frequently your telephone connects to the network to keep your battery.Find it in Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Fetch New Data -> Slide to Off.

9. Fetch Email Less Often

This is related to the above tip. Once your information push is ready to off, limit your obsessive checking of email. ( I regard myself right here). I know, I realize–why have a cell phone if we need to limit our compulsion to test electronic mail. I agree.Find it in Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Fetch New Data -> Select Your Preference.

10. Turn on Auto-Brightness

Please find it in the Settings app -> Brightness & Wallpaper -> Auto-Brightness On.

11. Reduce Screen Brightness

Taking it a step similarly, you could manage how shiny the display screen will go along with this slider. Of path, the much less brilliant, the much less drain. Sigh, now wherein is my flashlight after I need it.

iOS 7

12. Stop Motion

iOS7 has a thrilling function growing a parallax impact. It is very diffused. If you look at your apps when transferring your iPhone, they’ll seem to transport separate from each other, as if on different planes. Of path, this feature takes from your battery lifestyles. Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion -> move slider to green/on

13.No extra Dynamic Backgrounds

Another neat feature introduced in iOS 7 is a wallpaper that actions beneath your app icons. It is located inside the Wallpapers & Backgrounds menu. No want to change it, except you introduced the dynamic background. The default is off. Find it inside the Settings app -> Brightness & Wallpaper.

14. Prevent Background App Refresh (iOS 7)

Although I admire iOS7 clean my apps whilst needed, it additionally sucks your battery! So, even though excellent to have its miles exceptional to show it off. Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh -> Either disable the Background app absolutely or only for positive apps.

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