Tips to Get Cellulite-Free Body

Tips to Get Cellulite-Free Body 1

The word cellulite haunts around 90% of women all around the world. Even though we must learn to love our body just as it is, most women consider cellulite a major blow to their self-esteem. However, to deal with the problem, first, we need to understand what exactly it is.

Cellulite-Free Body

What is Cellulite?

The fat deposited below the skin, typically in the abdomen and the lower pelvic region, is known as cellulite. Cellulite is a condition where the skin gets a dimpled appearance due to the fat cells pressing up against the vertical connective tissue beneath the epidermis. Now, the question arises that what triggers cellulite. Many reasons may result in a dimpled appearance on your body, including hormonal reasons, poor diet, lifestyle choices, age, and genetic predisposition. So, if you’re looking to reduce and prevent cellulite from living a healthy life and looking as beautiful as you can, here we present some easy tips for you.

1. A healthy diet is a key

First, you need to check your diet. To reduce cellulite, make sure to eat a healthy diet, and eating in moderation is the key. Consume a low-sodium and unprocessed diet. This is because high salt results in swelling of fat cells and making your cellulite more prominent. You can replace refined salt (table salt) with Celtic sea salt or Himalayan crystal salt. In addition to reducing your sodium intake, include plenty of fiber, whole-grain foods, such as bran and oat cereals, as well as fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will help to remove waste and toxins from the intestinal tract.

2. Dry Brushing

Skin brushing is a commonly used method that helps to get rid of cellulite easily. It stimulates the lymphatic system and improves your blood circulation. It is said that dry bristle skin brushing and massage help eliminate toxic build-up in your body, which significantly promotes cellulite. So, to break down the fatty deposits that cause the dimpled appearance, take a dry brush and gently brush the affected area and the rest of your body in small circular movements for a few minutes.

3. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is known for its fat-burning qualities, which actually help in banishing cellulite. Two teaspoons of cayenne pepper powder along with some ginger and lemon in a glass of warm water work wonders. This will help in heating up the body, increasing blood circulation, and boosting metabolism.

4. Make a Habit of Exercising

You cannot ignore exercise if you want to decrease the appearance of cellulite. In fact, exercise is the key to improving the overall appearance of your body by tightening, toning, and eliminating cellulite. Make a routine of exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, and yoga. Experts recommend 40-minute exercise sessions (half cardio and half strength) three times a week for effective results.

5. Keep yourself hydrated

To flush out toxins from the body, drink as much water as you can. In addition to water, drink fresh vegetable juice, green tea and try adding some lemon slices or cucumber or mint leaves to your plain water. So, now stop worrying about those dimples around your stomach, buttocks, or thighs because the good news is that you can eliminate cellulite. Remember, you’re not alone, as 93 percent of women have cellulite, but make sure you’re not the one who lives with it.

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