Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep 1

When I changed into an excessive faculty and university, I labored in a grocery shop as a checker. I met many human beings at some point in the ones eight years, and it allowed me a deep education on people. I noticed all walks of lifestyles, from my “everyday” clients to the homeless and bad who got here in with dirty trade and recycled cash. I got to recognize people who had been on welfare, and I met individuals who drove great cars, and I was given to flirt with the lovely firemen. I talked with old humans, younger human beings, pregnant ladies, step-mother and father, unmarried mother and father, excessive school dropouts, con artists… You name it. It turned into an outstanding time of lifestyles, full of several boom and contemplation.

Skin Deep

I discovered that if you investigate the eyes of people, you can examine their tales. I noticed plenty of fear and harm; I saw insecurities, partitions put up, anger, embarrassment, and sadness. I noticed pleasure, and mild-heartedness, and enthusiasm for life. I saw regrets, and strain, and loss. I saw splendor, even inside the “unbeautiful.”

One young lady always stuck out in my thoughts… And still, it does even after all these years. This lady changed into older than I was via a few years. However, she had in no way labored a day in her life. She has become a field lady, and her process became to bag groceries and retrieve buying carts from the car parking zone. They assigned her to me take a look at the stand, so I may want to train her. She turned into honestly suitable physically! She had long, blond, flawlessly curled hair. Her nails have been continually professionally manicured. Her make-up turned into lovable, and she discerns the look of she walked out of a magazine.


She has held a place in my memory, and I often mirror her because she taught me an excellent lifestyle lesson. She changed into a very “ugly” individual internal. I often marveled at how a person who had such an ability can be so unhappy and terrible. Working together with her, I speedily found out what the expression “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep” truely intended. I do not suppose one fantastic phrase ever came out of that woman’s mouth. She complained her whole shift, every shift. She did now not strive; she did no longer smile; she did no longer say anything kind to the clients, to me, or everybody. She dragged her toes, she complained, she wore a frown, she became a mess. Why turned into she so sad? I tried to speak along with her. However, she became untouchable, absolutely unreachable. I felt sorry for her.


I often, in comparison, her to one of the homeless girls who constantly got here thru my line. Her name changed into Flo, and she or he turned into well known for her stinky, grimy cash she located at the counter to pay for canned beans and day-old-bread. She would attain into her sweaty bra (I know… YUCK) to get out her meal stamps. All the opposite checkers have been relieved when Flo would come through my line to not odor her and have interaction with her. But… She changed into a blessing to a “teacher” of kinds and me. She always had a grin on her toothless, worn-down face. She continually had a pleasant phrase to say. She changed into grateful for what she had. She turned into glad that human beings in our store knew her call and dealt with her kindly. She, to me, turned into beautiful.

These two very different ladies taught me that TRUE beauty lies within! From that factor on, after assembly that woman I labored with and Flo, I have become very privy to the insides of humans, their heart and soul. I have met such a lot of those who are “lovely” via the public’s standards… Who is not-so-lovely inner? On the turning aspect, I actually have met such many individuals who aren’t so appealing bodily, who are the most adorable human beings! It truely brought to life the announcing, “Don’t choose a book through its cover, “… And unfortunately, I think we all do this.

skin deep

I assume that become the biggest existence lesson I learned at that grocery keep. I commenced to truly understand human beings and inspect their eyes, souls, records, and get to understand them… Now not keep away from them due to the fact they look special or matted, or “much less than.” I discovered that “beautiful” human beings also have an ache, disappointment, and bags… And that we are not to choose them due to how they look. I was capable of eliminating all stereotypes. I changed into able to take away judgment. I turned into capable of love. I read this someplace, and it suits. I think about it regularly: “Be kind to all of us, due to the fact you do not know what kind of day (or lifestyles) they have got had.” That couldn’t be any truer. Imagine if we all practiced that!

Our Challenge: Let’s consciously prevent judging people by the manner they look. Let’s look at the eyes and souls and hearts of human beings we meet. If you run into a not-so-beautiful-on-the-inside individual… Be friendly… Maybe they’re having a terrible day (or lifestyles)! Let’s discover the internal splendor of others (and of ourselves)… Irrespective of what they seem to like!

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