PSD To WordPress Conversion Myths

PSD To WordPress Conversion Myths 1

With the arrival of recent internet technologies, the impact of web app technology in 2017, particularly the front-cease technology, has expanded with a brilliant tempo. PSD graphics to WordPress conversion are a less expensive conversion technique that improves your online commercial enterprise growth. Nonetheless, there are some myths approximately PSD graphics to WordPress conversion that is probably stressful for internet builders. In truth, Every virtual company’s PSD graphics need to be well informed with such information and myths related to their tasks.


PSD to WordPress conversion myths is in particular categorized as:

A. WordPress improvement myths
B. WordPress protection/insecurity myths
C. WordPress web page builders myths

However, I actually have indexed all myths and their truths in information here.

Check out this quick:-

1) Restricted to Low Traffic

Myth:: WordPress websites aren’t able to gain high traffic. These websites cross offline in case of high visitors.

Truth:: Websites truely move offline because of web hosting and different technical problems. In reality, you could host your internet site on a secured and relied on the server to remedy such problems.


2) No aid

Myth:: WordPress presents no help free of charge templates/topics.

Truth:: WordPress makes development simpler. There are some of the boards you can method each time you get caught with it. They give you full aid free of charge.

3) Not supposed for E-Commerce websites

Myth:: Businesses cannot have a completely featured e-commerce website via this. It isn’t beneficial for them. It’s only a blogging platform best.

Truth:: WordPress is a completely fledged CMS equipped with lots of e-commerce plugins that make it more perfect for corporations. Various e-commerce giants, together with eBay using WordPress and thus producing high sales from it.

4) Helps simplest small corporations

Myth:: WordPress is the most effective proper for small organizations.

Truth:: The above truth is completely wrong. Many prominent brands like Disney and Best Buy use this in recent times and help them grow their enterprise further.

5) Not a comfortable platform

Myth:: WordPress is not a relaxed platform to paintings upon.

Truth:: It would now not choose by way of leading brands if it isn’t cozy. Besides, WordPress codes are very well checked by builders for any unfastened strings, bugs, and loopholes. If observed, it’s far-right away reported to WordPress officials. See, WordPress offers impeccable protection and a secure environment for his or her customers. More ranges of safety can be supplied to this via adding security plugins to it. Wordfence safety, Sucuri Security, BulletProof Security are some of the famous security plugins for WordPress.

6) No dependable plugins

Myth:: Reliability is directly worried about security aspects. It is a famous rumor these days that WordPress Plugins are not comfy sufficient to apply.

 WordPress Conversion

Truth:: This rumor is absolutely fake. Plugins provide functions to a website. However, selecting a plugin is carried out via admin only. He ought to search for its scores and opinions earlier than including to the internet site. Updating plugins regularly is any other essential element. Besides, all WordPress plugins are comfy and written in compliance with coding requirements.

7) Prone to Hacking

Myth:: WordPress may be an easily hacked content control gadget.

Truth:: The above reality isn’t always actual. Anyhow, if we frequently backup WordPress sites, it will lower the probability of being hacked. WordPress is a user-friendly CMS and springs with many safety plugins, so we should not keep away from this for such rumors. WordPress drag and drop web page developers are complicated plugins for creating custom websites. In truth, advanced customers make use of that equipment for his or her complicated tasks to be get done easily. So, if you are developing your commercial enterprise internet site the usage of developers, you must be aware of all myths associated with this.

8) Slow loading pace

Myth:: Page builder slows down WordPress website.

Truth:: It is absolutely incorrect to say above. In reality, Page developers are rapid and able to loading complex designs in much less time. Loading time completely depends on how content is structured inside the web page builder.

Page stage caching and Builders using shortcode are any other most important elements that affect page loading time. However, if a WordPress plugin(web page developers) is nicely coded, this could no longer affect your website velocity at all.

9) Bad for search engine optimization

Myth:: It is stated that web page developers are not top for SEO because the markup they leave is not optimized.

Truth:: Since SEO is all approximately exceptional content material. Page builders even act as a medium in generating attractive content for the website. It additionally affords masses of semantic markups to pick HTML tags on your headings and key phrases too.

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