The Importance of Software Localization

The Importance of Software Localization 1

Only being nice for your community is not good enough anymore. The gift-day marketplace is international. Even if translating software programs into other languages fees extreme money, this permits agencies to get admission to foreign markets that would be in any other case difficult to penetrate. Also, the rumor in step with which ALL foreigners recognize English is a delusion.

Software Localization

Most software nowadays is localized so that one can be had on larger markets. If you propose to expand your software program in several languages, or if you plan to start growing the software to your very own language and afterward in different languages for foreign markets, it’s exceptional, from the very beginning, to take into account sure localization and translation troubles.

The nice-case state of affairs is to do that before the software is even written. It is sure that preserving localization troubles in mind simultaneously as operating on the specifications of the project will maximum truly assist lessen prices and ease the effort related to the localization of the product on foreign markets.

Localization: A Definition

Software localization implies extra than simply the mere translation of the product’s consumer interface. Companies require that their software be adapted to the culture of the target united states to attain a larger target market. In this situation, localization stands for the complex operation that consists of translating the software and adapting it in keeping with the linguistic conventions and cultural specifics of the users from the goal us of a.


This procedure regularly calls for numerous paintings hours and exquisite effort from the development groups. However, several pieces of equipment were specially created to simplify the localization procedure. Also, most of the localization projects are outsourced to specialized corporations to lessen prices.

Tips for Software Localization

The software has to be written in one of these ways so that it would be quite easy to confirm (i.E. Translated) later, in step with requirements, into exclusive cultures and languages. Localization and internationalization pass hand in hand. Internationalization consists, basically, of developing a product in several languages. All the software program components that need to be translated are separated from the software itself and tailored to the specifics of the united states for which the software is supposed. It is fine that the involved software program is designed with this issue in mind from the very beginning because the method of re-writing the entire software program, which turned into designed from the beginning with just a slim goal marketplace in mind, is time eating and high-priced.


Preferably, the translators ought to grasp the goal languages perfectly, have excellent expertise inside the technical area, and be talented with the specific vocabulary. Finally, they must be familiar with the software program that allows them to apprehend the context of the phrases completely. Sometimes, this will motive issues for the people in charge of the translation: there can be rare events when the entire translation crew is needed or just a few “understand-it-all” geniuses. Anyway, the translators should collaborate with the improvement group always. Software localization is a method that calls for unique expertise and a few extreme project management talents. For each undertaking, its manager, in close collaboration with the engineers, ought to increase a timetable that indicates all the necessary steps required to make the localized software moneymaking.

An excessive-stage description of the localization system would consist of the following steps:

The identity of what must be translated from a software program and adopting a localization approach based totally on the income estimates. Establishing a strict schedule for the localization method, such as cut-off dates for every level in the procedure. Finding and recruiting good enough, expert translators, ideally with current, huge revel in the goal nations. Establishing a close collaboration courting with the translators to ensure the accuracy and coherence of their paintings. Consulting the development crew on aspects that could facilitate the localization procedure. Defining a properly internationalized product that might not need to undergo adjustments for each of the envisaged foreign languages.

Testing the product for each and each one of the languages in a query. Software localization especially issues the 3 fundamental components of a product: the graphical user interface, the online assist, and the documentation. For the user interface, of remarkable significance are the resource documents, having the extension. Rc. They contain what the consumer is maximumly probable to peer and displayed in menus, dialog boxes, error messages, cursor shapes, bitmaps, etc. There are commonly just segments of the aid files that want to be translated.

Some examples would be the text that looks on a number of the most common bitmaps, the splash screens, or the textual content strings displayed in menus and conversation containers/blunders message containers. Help files, initially in.RTF format, are compiled and converted into hypertext layout. Most of what is protected in such a record could be translated. What ought to now not be translated is the hidden text that represents links, as well as the “#” and “+” footnotes.

The documentation, which commonly increases no problems for the interpretation procedure, consists of readme documents, Word processing and DTP files (documentation files in line with say), purchaser-organized file formats, and incidental files. Readme files are typically in.Txt layout and incorporate records that were now not covered in the documentation, setup records, or additions to the consumer guide. Documentation files are the tremendously formatted person manuals that have to attain the target users. The facts in these documents are generally overwritten in the course of translation.

The Benefits of Localization

Software localization is beneficial for both developers and clients. We have to consider that the number of non-English audio system that uses localized software is in a non-stop boom. Most software users anticipate that their software is written in their personal language. Even if localization is finished at a sure cost for software program businesses, it entails apparent benefits: the users that completely apprehend a product can manipulate it extra properly, use it greater correctly, and are less at risk of making high-priced mistakes. All those have power on the very last result. More ready and green users translate into fewer prices for assist and customer service. Localization allows users to interact with software of their personal language thru an intuitive configuration for them.

To exemplify:

Messages are in their native language. The entry fields are formatted, so this is not unusual to their respective united states (call, address, date, hour, etc.) Different sorts of a keyboard are taken under consideration for getting into statistics. The error messages in the local language assure quick solutions for the troubles.
Competition inside the software program quarter is fierce, with numerous superb products preventing over the equal market. It isn’t feasible to benefit from the competition using blowing fairy dust within the consumer’s eyes. The triumphing scenario is the one where the customer’s wishes are met in the first-class way possible. Software localization proves to be the key to a strategic benefit over one’s business adversaries.

Mistakes in Software Localization

Neglecting the duration of translated words, which could require remodeling the software to match the overseas language model, and for that reason losing treasured time (and cash). Disregarding localization (i.E. Particular nations/regions) and their unique, characteristic elements (e.G. Date layout, wide variety format, address shape, postal code duration and structure, calendar layout, and so forth.).  Failure to use easy, concise textual content, acquainted to the general public and, generally, to feasible software users. Failure to provide clear, correct text inside the goal language, rendering the commands and commands in a nonsensical manner or difficult to understand.

Software Localization


Software localization almost equals an assurance that your software “speaks” the language of your customers. In the existing globalization context, localization would possibly make the difference between fulfillment and failure to your goal markets. With the commercial environment turning into increasingly aggressive, the stringent need to evolve software programs, documentation, online help files, Web pages, and consumer manuals have arisen to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of every client.

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