Buying or selling a home is an intimidating task. The pressure of finding the right real estate agent while buying or selling a home can also add to the stress as the agent is responsible for getting you a good deal. Any good real estate agent would know the ins and outs of the market but to find one is in itself a challenging duty.

To help you find a good real estate agent, we have got some tips that you would want to take note of.


Seeking referrals from homeowners is the best way to get some good suggestions regarding real estate agents. Ask your neighbours or your near and dear ones who must have moved recently about the real estate agent that they worked with.


After getting a few recommendations, shortlist them further on the basis of different factors. Call up each of the agent and interview them, asking them questions about their experience and cost of their service, etc. While interviewing them, observe the way in which they talk. They should be polite and ready to answer all your questions and concerns. You wouldn’t want to work with a grumpy and impatient person.


Search the web to track the record of your shortlisted agent. Go on the internet and search their website to look for customer reviews and testimonials. These serve as rightful parameters to judge someone and their quality of service. You will get an insight into their working and their behaviour in general.


The law asks for a number of licenses and certifications for a real estate agent to keep practicing their service. Make sure your agent has all the required licenses and the certificates too. In fact, you should ask them show their licenses and certifications to you. Do not be hesitant in asking for it as it is important to avoid and keep you safe in case of any sort of trouble.


Although experience is a very important thing when it comes to choosing the right real estate agent, it is not the sole factor upon which you should base your entire criteria of judgement for determining whether or not the agent is good. A real estate agent with greater experience is likely to have greater expertise too. But, some other agent might not necessarily have more experience and yet would be able to get you a good deal. Do not narrow your perspective down to only look for highly experienced agents.


It is important to talk about money before you finalise your real estate agent. Apart from talking about their experience, etc., you should also ask about the price that they charge for their service. Also, do not forget to ask them about any hidden or special costs to avoid disappointment at the time of payment. Talking about money beforehand will let you make the necessary arrangements for getting the money.


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