Continental Travel Business Plan

Continental Travel Business Plan 1

Executive Summary
The Harvard Branch of Continental Travel is positioned 30kms east of the CBD at the busy important shopping strip in Harvard and has been operating bing travel for only 6 weeks and is still very new to the place. The Branch is open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm every day, and closes at 6 pm on Fridays and it isn’t open at the weekend. The purchaser demographics represented in the suburb, are from low socio-economic through to high income, with the two key demographic corporations that symbolize the vicinity, younger households bing travel with babies and primary faculty elderly youngsters additionally older households with adolescent children of their mid young adults the too early twenties. There have been more than a few of recent centers currently built catering for the desires of those corporations and for the developing bing travel population of Harvard which include a brand new toddler care middle for the younger families, a new retirement village for the ageing populace and a new multi-degree shopping middle at Harvard Park along with 500 retail

The essential ethnic profile of Harvard is Anglo-Australian with a widespread percentage of first, second and third era Greek and Italian-Australians and extra latest, the profile has improved to include an increasing share of recent immigrants of Chinese and Vietnamese origin.

The Harvard Branch have been staffed via personnel from the neighboring branches and not using a previous working dating together with lengthy-serving employees with a mean 7 years revel in and of brief-time period staff. All the staff has Anglo-Australian background besides for one of the Part-Time Travel Associates who is of Greek beginning. Although the attrition fee inside Continental’s Branches is of the common variety, there was a slight growth in turnover over the past 2 months, particularly with the greater junior contributors of the group. Recent delight surveys suggest a sixty-five% workforce delight level and 54% group of workers advocacy.

At gift, Harvard does not have a customer base although a number of the Senior Travel Consultants have introduced a number of their clients over to the brand new branch with them; this is still insufficient to maintain their own goals, not to mention the overall performance of the complete department. Most journey inquiries acquired thus far all look like interested by domestic holidays, with a number of the inquiries made for global tourist destinations.

1. Situation Analysis
Australians were regarded to be avid vacationers and it isn’t always unusual to locate that most Australians have lived remote places sooner or later of their lives, with most people touring foreign places for a holiday at the least once every three years with those inside the 20-35 age category undertaken worldwide tour at least each 1-2 years.
The terrorist assaults on 9-11,2001, brought about vast turmoil in the tour enterprise specifically on the international journey and inside Australia, the effect of this promoted a boom in domestic tourism. The sales of travel insurance additionally extended whereby Continental made a giant loss inside the 6 months after 9/11across all its operations, with a 20% downturn in sales.

The collapse of Ansett Airlines impacted substantially on the home visitor market as it decreased the capacity of the home airline industry, which caused a loss in self-assurance inside the home airlines. The struggle in Afghanistan and the Bali Bombing, the 2004 Tsunami in Asia brought the approximately further decline in the worldwide tour, in particular to the Asian region is one of the most fulfilling visitor destinations for Australian vacationers. The self-belief of Australians to travel overseas is predicted to make a totally slow recovery given those events making it very difficult for travel businesses to satisfy their sales goals and nevertheless sell

The group of workers profile inside Harvard Branch needs strengthening, as the teams have now not labored collectively previously. The staffing mix wishes to mirror the culture and demographics of Harvard wherein most of the populace is of Italian, Greek, the Chinese and Vietnamese starting place. At the prevailing, all personnel is of Anglo-Australian, except for one of the Part-Time Travel Associates who’s of Greek starting place. Although the attrition fee inside Continental’s Branches is in the average range, there has been a slight boom in turnover during the last 2 months, particularly with the greater junior contributors of the team. Recent pleasure surveys imply a 65% group of workers delight stage and fifty-four% workforce advocacy.

2. Marketing Summary
Typically the tour and tourism marketplace is usually separated into two major classes, enterprise, and leisure journey. Each could usually make contributions about 45% of overall sales. The remainder is generated from mixed enterprise/amusement journeys. The marketplace is similarly separated into the domestic and worldwide tour. Domestic journey debts for about 70% of industry revenues. The business journey may be divided into categories, the medium to the massive company account, and the small impartial businessman. Leisure tourists are categorized in line with the types of journeys they take, earnings, or age. The 4 primary entertainment travel organizations are:

1. Adventure, Special Interest, R&R, Honeymoons & Sightseeing Trips.
2. High-Income Travelers.
3. Budget-Conscious Travelers.
Four. Families, Students & Seniors.

Three. Market Demographics
The Harvard Branch of Continental Travel is positioned 30kms east of the CBD. While a huge range of customer demographics are represented within the suburb, from low socio-financial thru to high profits, two key demographic corporations characterize the place: younger families with toddlers and number one school elderly youngsters, and “empty nesters” – older families with adolescent youngsters in their mid teenagers the to early twenties. There have lately been some of the centers built, catering to the desires of these two businesses. For younger families, a new childcare center, and for the getting older population, a new retirement village and nursing domestic have been installed. A multi-degree shopping center, Harvard Park, has additionally simply opened, with over 500 shops now operating.

The essential ethnic profile of Harvard is Anglo-Australian with a large percentage of first, 2d and 0.33 generation Greek and Italian-Australians. More recently, the profile has elevated to include a growing proportion of latest immigrants of Chinese and Vietnamese origin.

Harvard Branch is placed at the busy foremost buying strip in Harvard and is Continental’s newest department inside the State, having opened just six weeks ago. As such, it does now not have a present client base. The Branch is open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm every day, and closes at 6 pm on Fridays. It is not open at the weekend.

The team of workers profile inside the Harvard Branch appears divergent but is not abnormal. Personnel from the neighboring branches have staffed the Branch and as such, the groups have now not labored collectively previously. There are a high proportion of long-serving employees, with a mean 7-12 months tenure, collectively with a similarly massive percentage of short-term personnel. All team of workers is Anglo-Australian besides for one of the Part-Time Travel Associates who’s of Greek origin. The attrition charge inside Continental’s Branches is of the average variety, even though there was a mild growth in turnover during the last 2 months, particularly with the more junior individuals of the team. Recent satisfaction surveys indicate a 65% team of workers satisfaction level and 54% team of workers advocacy.plan

Four. Market Needs
Domestic and International Packages are a specialized product, and first-hand knowledge of those programs is vital that allows you to efficiently sell and promote them. Many ability clients are unsure of the location they wish to reach. Part of the fee related to travel agencies is the knowledge they possess about locations. Customers look to the company to offer them with sound advice for a competitive fee. Continental Travel Group at Harvard is assured in its capacity to do so. Continental Travel Group at Harvard can shop the patron time and money, and help to make sure that they are happy with their vacation.

Five. Market Trends
One tremendous trend inside the travel enterprise is multiplied deregulation. Deregulation has elevated competition and the want for differentiation. In many cases, the fees of airfare and different travel-related offerings have dropped. Additional tendencies encompass caps on company commissions via lots of the bigger airlines, will increase in adventure tour, and reduction of income margins.

6. Market Growth
The tour enterprise is growing. Reasons for this growth include a healthy home economic system and the increased price of the Aussie has made travel extra appealing for Australian citizens. The healthy financial system has multiplied commercial enterprise, which in turn will see a boosted home commercial enterprise journey for 2007.

7. SWOT Analysis
In the following 4 sections are the most applicable troubles to Continental Travel Group at Harvard’s and for its successful operation. Harvard’s strengths encompass its control, experienced group of workers, advertising and marketing experience, and focused consciousness. Harvard will capitalize on these and other strengths, to take advantage of opportunities and manage threats. Firm weaknesses are basically the ones inherent in a begin-up project.

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